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What was/is your go- to place to check people out?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) May 18th, 2011 from iPhone

When I was younger it was the skating rink, then Starbucks, now my friend and I are going to some store in the boonies that sells everything you ever need for your horse/cowboy self. My friend said she saw “hot cowboys” there and I want to see for myself. Also the place says they have over 30,000 pairs of boots and that’s too much for my shoe fetish to resist. So where did you go?

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The beach.
For it is the great equalizer ;)

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(my girlfriend and I go down there with wine and share a cigar. Lots of folks down there).

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I’ve never purposefully gone somewhere to “check people out”, but I do like to do the casual “people watching” from time to time. The mall and Walmart are great places for this activity.

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I go for the beach too. Man, the sites you see….

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Oak Street Beach in the day and Wilmette Beach for the bon fires at night!

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The funfair, I like to keep my eyes on the prize as it were.

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Now the beach is actually a great place to check people out!

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Back when I was in college, the parties on the weekends, visit friends in the dorms, the oval (big park in the middle of campus), or any other park near campus. There were 50,000 students so it wasn’t that hard.

Now that I’m in the working world and not living near campus, if I’m checking someone out its maybe at a store or a function with friends? I met my current g/f through an online dating site, so I can attest to it being harder when you’re working.

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I used to go walk through a local college campus. HAHA!

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I don’t spend time checking other people out.

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@marinelife If I walked by, that could change.

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I’m not a people watcher now. I’d much rather get away from others by going hiking in the woods. When I was younger though my friends and I would go to the airport in Las Vegas. We lived less than a mile away from McCarran so it was easy for us to walk there, and sometimes we would roller skate in the parking deck. That airport is the place for people watching.

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@erichw1504 Especially if you were wearing your Fluther T-shirt!

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@marinelife and nothing else.

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strip club. No false advertising.

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Synagogue. No kidding.

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The Fluther mansion.

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There is a “walking mall” I think you’d call it here in Boulder and it’s a silver mine during the day but ALWAYS a gold mine at night. Actually, I was walking down it Monday afternoon at about 2 PM and there was a man in a bear costume passed out in a flower bed ahahahahahhahahahahaha. But at night, because there’s so many bars on it (and especially when college is in session) it is just hilarious to sit and watch, especially if you are drunk yourself as well.

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Groups of girls would go to the malls and hang out, looking for groups of boys. We’d pass by chattering loud enough to drop mention of each other’s names where we’d be on weekends and then see who showed up. Friday nights were at the skating rink, Saturdays at the shopping mall and Saturday nights at the $1.00 movies. It was it’s own scene of regulars and a lot of fun. No one dated or hooked up but everyone had a ‘someone’ they paired up with by choice or by default. That was the fun part of being a kid.

As an adult (18+) then the dance clubs were the spots to go. Again it was it’s own scene of regulars who would tour the various clubs during the month. Sometimes you’d see some of the Southern state people come into the Northern state clubs and vice versa. It was fun to recognize people and strike up acquaintance that way.

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I wanta start going salsa dancing. Not only is it a fun time, but most salsa dancers are gorgeous women.

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Based on the concept of an ant farm, I have what I call a people farm in my dungeon.

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First it was the mall, then downtown Madison as a teen, then bars, then nicer bars. I guess it’s just airports, barbecues, concerts, and sporting events now.

I also second the Pearl Street mall in Boulder, like @deni mentioned. Buncha freaks.

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Public transit is awesome for getting a cross section of people. Some of the conversations that people have on the bus…well they can be jaw dropping.

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Outdoor concerts
There is a plaza outside of the Orchestra Hall here in Minneapolis.
In the summer they have “Summer-fest”
All kinds of music, all kinds of people

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