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Other than chatting it up with your therapist (family or friend), and taking meds, what do find to be healing?

Asked by Jude (32167points) May 18th, 2011

For me, cleaning and gardening. It does a mind and heart good. :)

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Nature or fluther.

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Watching an uplifting and/or funny movie.
Going for a midnight drive.
Having a deep conversation with my dog. She’s a good listener and gives me a kiss.

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A long walk or run.
Sitting outside under the awning, listening to the rain.
Finding an elusive geocache.

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Someone telling me (true or false not important) that i am pretty, clever, funny, good at my job, or something else complimentous does work wonders for me.

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@rebbel I think you are very pretty. Very pretty indeed.

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A nice,quiet meditation with candles and foofy music after kicking someone’s @ss….sigh….life is good! :)

Actually painting or throwing clay while listening to my favorite music

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Thank you, thank you @Vunessuh
That picture is some thirty years old, though.
But, you lifted me up for the night, thanks!

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Taking a candle lit hot tub with my S/O…sitting back and not saying a word…and let the days BS melt away! Life again becomes good! ;)

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Discovering a great word like “complimentous”! I’m totally serious. I love creative language usage! Thanks @rebbel you’re very clever.

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I’m glad i could be of help @Blueroses, and thank you!

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Gardening. (The part where you put things in the ground, not the part where you discover something has eaten your plants.)

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Seeing out of state friends, cooking for friends, road trips and of course without fail, Disneyland.

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Reading, writing, partying, hiking, canoeing, shooting, compulsive cleaning, guitar-picking.

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Dancing, making music, a massage, a blowjob. Sigh. It’s amazing how much a blowjob will do.

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Meditation, reading, walking by the ocean, walking through a park, smelling a flower, and as @wundayatta said, a blowjob. There are many wonderful ways to clear the mind.

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A hot bath.
Immersion in cathartic music.
Cuddling with my doggie or husband.

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Just doing things that are joyful.

For me, I love to cook and come up with new recipes, so doing that kind of gets my mind off my worries, at least while I’m doing that. It’s really nice too, if you can cook for someone who you know is going to love what you make, like a few weeks ago, I made some home made butternut squash soup and took a big container of it to my neighbor across the stree. She and her hubby are trying to have a baby, and he had to go out of town for work for 2 weeks. I know she was feeling kind of sad and lonely. She was so thrilled when I showed up at her door with that soup.

Another thing that is really great for me is when my brother calls me up and says something like this, “Hey I was thinking of driving up to such and such town, they’ve got this really neat piece of public art and a great old downtown area with a bunch of historic houses. Wanna go with me? I also heard there was this really great vegetarian restaurant there, maybe we could have lunch there and you can tell me what we should eat?” So we do a day trip and get away from our troubles for awhile.

And of course, any time that I get to go camping or hiking in the mountains is a good day for me. I love to take photographs, especially landscape photos, so I bring my camera and just find stuff to photograph, whether it be trees, flowers, tiny mushrooms growing under ferns, birds and intersting bark patterns on trees. Then I get to relive the whole experience after I get home and sort through the photos. I’m kind of a sorter by nature, so organizing photo disks for family and friends is very enjoyable for me. And often I will write long winded descriptions of my trip (kind of like this answer) so that my relatives can have a second hand experience. They seem to like that, at least I think they do. LOL.

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Swimming. There’s something very soothing about it for me.
Reading, Writing. Listening to some music alone, preferably surrounded by nature. Meditation. Cleaning is good too. Cooking something nutritious and delicious like a giant bowl of oven roasted veg – eating lots of colourful food helps.

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Exercising. Music.

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yoga, being with alex.

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A little brandy. Or a lot.

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Sunshine. Or, if there isn’t any, my LED lamp.

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I go off somewhere on my bicycle.

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Interacting with animals; specifically, making my kitties purr.

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A long hot shower; needlework; playing with my grandsons; hearing people laugh.

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I take a good bike ride with my dog. It is nice to listen to the tires rolling over the dirt and the crunch of autumn leaves, birds singing, and chasing away the occasional bear. This also makes my dog happy, except for the bears.

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Writing in my journal, cleaning, running, walking, singing really loud, drawing, painting, baking, and cooking.

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Waiting till no one’s home, and then pounding the shit out of my piano and singing really loudly. The neighbors have probably heard me once or twice.

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Also: cats. And a quiet hike through the woods.

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I swim nearly every night. When I am stressed, I swim extra hard and fast, and push myself to hold my breath longer than I think I can. After a good workout, I float. Seriously, I float on my back and keep my ears under the water until I can’t hear any outside noises and I look up at the night sky. Everything around me disappears and I feel so relaxed and powerful.

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A brisk walk in my favorite park listening to some good music and photography.

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