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I REALLY thought he liked me. Some annoying girl made someone hook them up, and he said yes. Help?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) May 18th, 2011

I don’t want to talk about it too much, I mostly need support.
It’s not a fact that he liked me, but you know when everything contradicts each other? Alot of things he used to do gave signals that he liked me. Then all of a sudden he stopped. So not only does he ignore me, but he pretends I don’t exist.
Note: The girl is a bitch, and I’m not just saying that out of hate. I’m being serious. And what’s up with the shitload of makeup she wears? She’s also two years younger. So yes, you can imagine how annoying that is.

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First of all, nobody “makes” somebody hook up with them or anybody else unless it’s rape. That doesn’t sound like the case, therefore, each person is responsible for their own actions.
Second of all, if your details are indeed correct, why are you wasting time on a guy that ignores you and pretends you don’t exist? He’s obviously a fucking pussy-whipped loser if he wants to date immature, cunty women who cake makeup on their faces like a clown and tell him what to do and who to like. I’m sure you can do better. Move on and find somebody who will appreciate you for you and actually have a mind of their own.

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@Vunessuh Try not to sugarcoat it so much. How’s she going to grow up without some straight forward advice?

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@Vunessuh Solid use of the word “cunty”

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These things happen. If he went for the clown, he either liked her better all along or he’s under the impression that she’s a slut and he can tap that or he’s a sheep who isn’t capable of making up his own mind. In any case, he’s not worth your tears.

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I feel like telling you to walk up to her randomly and bitch slap her. That’s just because I wanted to say “bitch slap.”

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I want to bitch slap her…
@Blueroses No, the thing is, he didn’t even know her except after he returned from France (a trip), which was less than a month ago. I never see them together anyways, he’s always with his friends and when she talked to him a lil he left her and went somewhere else.

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It happens. But, you’ve learned this much- see how quick he went for her? No matter what she is or what you think of her, he liked her enough to move on it and not leave any doubt so in a way, he made it easier for you to now stop wasting your time wondering if he’s into you or not. Now you can pay attention if some other guy is interested and more importantly, you’ve seen a guy in action when he really wants a particular girl so look for those kinds of actions when it comes to you next crush. It sucks not to get what you want but you can condense the information and make into tools for you to get better and better sifting through the half wits. Yay!

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He hooked up with someone else voluntarily. He either liked you but not enough or he didn’t like you.

You need to move on.

P.S. Why is all your rage aimed at the woman? He did it too.

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Guys tend to be very visual when it comes to who they are attracted to. Young guys tend to be attracted to lots of girls at the same time and don’t have the same kind of “lovey-dovey” feelings that most young women have, it’s mostly about lust. So for guys it’s easy for them to move from one girl to the other without even thinking about it.

He probably liked you for a little while and then when this other girl came along (or became available) he probably decided that he liked her even more. It doesn’t even matter whether you think she’s a bitch or not, because he doesn’t think she’s a bitch. She may have thrown herself at him and if she’s all dolled up with makeup, he may have really enjoyed the fact that she kind of looks like a hooker. Like I said, most young guys are all about lust, not romance or commitment or even friendship.

But there are guys who do enjoy romance and friendship, but you have to be willing to date guys that don’t fit your usual type. Some times the nerdier guys, the one’s that are not the cutest guys at school, or the ones that aren’t the best at sports, turn out to be really great, and later in life, they really bloom, where as the guy in your situation is not likely to get any better than he already is and in fact, he might even get worse.

I’m sorry that you got your feelings hurt by this guy, but just try to move on, and don’t bother blaming the girl, it will just make you look petty. And don’t try to get this guy to explain to you why he stopped talking to you. If you do, he’ll probably get really mad and might likely talk about you behind your back, just to make you look foolish (instead of him). So just let it go and try to find some other more worthy guys : )

And learn now, while you are young, to take the high road. If any of your friends or other people pester you about why this guy is now going out with the other girl, don’t ever say that she is a bitch (even if she is) just say that he must really like her, and leave it at that. It will make you look like a much better person

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I’m all for bitching about the stupidity of teenage boys, but there could be a slightly less idiotic reason he did this. If she’s a sure thing (and I mean dating-wise, not sex-wise), there’s no risk to his ego asking her out—especially if the whole thing is arranged by someone else. He might have liked you—he might still like you—but be too nervous to ask you out. So instead, he took the option that doesn’t involve any risk of embarrassment. People like to think that teenage boys are only motivated by lust, but they’re also motivated by fear.

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Can I nominate this for Question of the Day?

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my daughter is nearly 13. Maybe I should start paying attention to these sorts of questions.

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It’ll start from about 15–16 , but yeah, please do, she’ll need your support and unless you don’t start the conversation, she never will.

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Guys digs chicks like that to get into their pants. You gave him resistance, and he wanted it to be easy; he’s an asshole who isn’t worth your time.

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When I like a guy, I tell him right away and get his reaction. That way, if I know it’s never going to happen, I don’t waste time pining over him but rather cut right to trying to find his faults so I can get over him.

I know it’s not easy to “stop” liking someone, or to tell him how you feel, but you’ll avoid upset in the long run if you tell a guy about your crush on him right away!

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The problem is him, not her. If he was into you, he would have said no. He’s not into you.

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No maybe. Free will at play here. He chose to hook up. No comes out just as easily as yes.

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@BarnacleBill I really don’t think it’s that clear-cut. As I mentioned above, plenty of teenage boys will ask out a girl they know will say yes over a girl they worry might say no—even if they like the second girl more than they like the first girl. Several of my friends did this when they were teenagers.

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@SavoirFaire I know right, especially that she asked him out. And @BarnacleBill He didn’t even know her that well, she’s two years younger. She just asked her friend to hook them up.

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@Luiveton Exactly, which just brings up another issue: once she asks, he is under a certain amount of social pressure to say yes (even if only to avoid a situation where he has to explain to his male friends why he said no to a girl). I’m not saying this is sensible, but just the way it is for a lot of teenage boys. Many of them race to get girlfriends to prove they are cool, even if they don’t actually like the girls they ask out.

I’m sorry this happened to you, and I can’t promise that the situation will get better any time soon. There are mature boys out there, however, so keep on the lookout for them. Or just be happy on your own for now—better to be single than to be dating just so you can say you are dating.

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Put him in a big slingshot and hurl him into the sun…

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@HungryGuy I’d love to do that. And watch him burn.

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