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When making whole wheat bread, why are such ingredients as dry milk and/or potato flour included?

Asked by l509 (11points) April 24th, 2008

What’s wrong with simply using flour, water, a little sweetener (e.g., honey), salt, yeast and oil? What do the additional ingredients add to the flavor and/or baking quality?

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Good question. I don’t use either one in my bread recipes. I think it has a lot to do with feeding the yeast for a better rise in the bread since WW tends to not rise the same as white.

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That’s probably right; but also, if you want to pump up the nutritional value of your
bread, you can stuff a lot of extra ingredients in. I used to do that when we had a
bundle of growing boys. I put in dry milk, eggs, sour cream, all sorts of proteins, seeds,
ground up legumes… nuts… Made em big and strong.

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