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Maybe diamonds AREN'T forever?

Asked by sarahsugs (2893points) June 10th, 2007
Are diamond mining and the diamond trade still riddled with social injustices? Are other gemstones any better? (I'm shopping for an engagement ring and would like to do so with a conscience.)
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You may want to consider a lab-created diamond. A friend of mine who works with socially responsible businesses suggests Adia diamonds.
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Amnesty international and Global Witness have a buyer's gude where you can find jewelers who are committed to conflict-free diamonds.
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I've also heard you might want to look for Arctic Diamonds or Canadian Diamonds
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or check out this article, "Diamonds are for Never" from the New York Times.
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From what I've read, other stones aren't that much better, so getting a ruby instead of a diamond is still riddled with social injustice...the most impt thing is to try and make sure the stone of any kind is conflict-free
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There was also a story about this recently on Talk of the Nation. I remember they said even when it says it's conflict-free, its no guarantee and people easily falsify papers. Depressing, i know.
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The other thing to consider is how diamond prices are held artificially high because it is believed people will spend more on them. It's not really a social justice perspective, just another comment on how the diamond industry is screwed up.
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how 'bout buying an antique ring?
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Here is a video about how artificial diamonds are made, it’s reassuring that they are quite the nice gift.

It is also said that artificial Diamonds glow up in flurecent light, now that’s fancy!

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With any gemstone there will possibly be a chance of occurrences dealing with socially unjust practices. Rubies and tanzanites are probably the worst right now. With any product aimed toward consumer consumption, actually.

Just make sure you purchase from a reputable jeweler and that the stone is conflict-free. Other options include lab-created gems. Surprisingly, the Diamonique brand from QVC (haha, television/ online ordering, I know..) gets pretty high marks for the likeness to real diamonds, and they even partner with Tacori to create beautiful engagement rings and such. :)

For something unconventional, you might want to try morganite. It’s not that well known of a stone, so the probability of it being riddled with social injustice will be slightly lower. But it’s a lovely stone with supposed ‘healing’ properties. It’s a beryl like aquamarine and it’s clear like a diamond but with a nice soft, subtle pink hue to it.

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