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What makes you unhappy?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33024points) May 18th, 2011

Are you unhappy when the flowers in your vase start to wither? Maybe it’s seeing someone get hurt. Do you dislike the current state of your nation’s affairs?

Whose fault is unhappiness?

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This is gonna be a bummer thread.

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When I’m not invited to a nekked pancake party.

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When Katawagrey is unhappy. Mostly, I don’t think you can assign blame. Sometimes, of course, but not mostly.

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Being accused of something I did not do, even after I deny it.

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Running out of money and beer at the same time.

Now, the above is true but my real answer is: Feeling a friendship slipping away.

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When someone I love is unhappy. )-;

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Being stuck in a negative pattern and not being able to move out of it.

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Peanut butter sandwiches!
I kid you not. My mum put them in my lunchbox one time when I was at school.

1: Where’s the beef mammy!?!
2: Like thanks for welding my gob shut on the day I had French oral
3: Well there is no 3 coz 1 & 2 kind of covered it!

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Trying to communicate with impossible people.


The leak in the hull of my savings lol

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Knowing I’m not going to be able too see my friends once I go away to college in the fall.

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Things I care about but can’t control like my animals being hurt, friends in sad moods but far away to where I can’t be with them, seeing homeless old people, seeing neglected kids, roadkill, wanting to help someone who can only be helped by themselves.

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Oh, Algae makes me unhappy.

I have to scrub my goose pools every other day in the summer. It’s very tiring. lol

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Abandoned pillows. :(

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@Coloma -I couldn’t agree with you more…about algae too :)

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when i see a parent ignore their child

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Seeing abuse and neglect and not being able to do anything to help. Seeing people being treated unfairly.

Of a more minor nature: finding out the kids are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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The only time I am unhappy is when I do not realize and respect the happiness that is already there.

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People taking advantage of other people and treating them as expendables.

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When I see a rape scene in a movie. I know it’s just a movie and it’s art, but it just unsettles me.

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