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What great love/vampire-ish reads do you recommend for the summer?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) May 18th, 2011

So, I am looking for a great book to read over the summer. I want the book to be long. I am thinking of borrowing from the Library or just buying it. It depends if the description of the book itself interests me and gets me all dolled up just by reading it.

The book/s that I would like to read could be series or just a huge book. The genres that I enjoy reading have mostly to do with love, lust, vampires, and even more love. Also it has to be about teenagers not old people. no offense

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Interview with the Vampire and the sequels. My best friend and I got our hands on them and rented a house in Florida with a pool for a vacation, and all we did was lounge around and read them. It was wonderful.

Edit: Whoops. They aren’t about teenagers. You still ought to give the book a try. At least read the review.

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I’d recommend House Of Night Series. Quite a different take on the whole subject.
Also, The Last Vampire series is very good and enjoyable.
Blue Blood is also a lusty teenage vampire book. :D
Happy reading.

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Charlaine Harris – The Sookie Stackhouse series The Mills and Boon of the 21st century :p

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The Noble Dead series, by Barb and JC Hendee. Adventurous, nice humor in places, well written. Start with Dhampir.

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Ooops, forgot this: By Midnight
vampire lust

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If you can find a copy of The Delicate Dependency that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg it is quite worth the read.

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The Silver Kiss? I read this when I was in middle school for some reason, don’t really remember anything about it, but it seems to fit the description.

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The Morganville Vampires series might interest you. There are 10 (I believe) books out now in the series.

Vampire Academy is also pretty good.

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House of night series is pretty great(: Very unique.

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Twilight series can never get old if you want love and vampires

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Oh and the Vampire Diaries!

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I think you’d like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward.

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30 Days Of Night has some elements to romance in it, not so much at first, just between a married couple, but Dark Days, Return To Barrow and Eben and Stella were fairly sorta romantic…

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I am not really sure.

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