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What is your fave beauty trick?

Asked by fastfox528 (75points) May 18th, 2011

What is your favorite beauty trick or product? Or something you do for yourself to feel beautiful?

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Smokey eye with a natural tones for my cheeks and lipstick. It makes the eyes pop more while the rest of the face looks fresh.

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Vermont’s Original Bag Balm slathered on my feet which go into cotton booties and more rubbed into my legs, arms, face and hands (hand go into cotton booties too). I go to sleep and the next wake up to soft smooth skin.

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Yep, foot balm. pedicures…and, a great trick for puffy eyes no, not Prep.H

Apply a clay mask under your eyes in the morning and poof no more puffy!

I also spray on hemp oil after my bath/showers…sooo nice!

I am also a body spray addict, Hollister is one of my favs. Also, a really nice Gardenia.
I spray my bed, pillows, curatins before bed at night…lovely aromatherapy.

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Getting enough sleep and water… helps me

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Going to the spa. (as something that makes me feel good) =)

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Oh yeah…water, water, water….

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Sleep. :P I look better when I’ve had enough sleep. :D

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Roll out of bed and shower. I am what I am.

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Sleep becomes THE major scene after 40. And lighting, it’s all about lighting. lol

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@Coloma Don’t forget that ¾ side angle. It’s very flattering. Am I the only one who hates the word “fave?” Why do beauty magazines use it so much? What makes it better than “favorite?””

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No, you’re not, @Haleth.

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I have this cream that is made out of coconuts, it has the nicest scent. It is coming into winter here, which means a lot less humidity more than cold, but it does dry out my skin. So I use more cream and smell like a pina colada!

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One of the most beautiful women I have ever met, fortyish with four kids, drinks a half gallon of water by lunch time every day. She does all kinds of sports and stuff, too, mind you.

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Lots of water. Lot of exercise.
My lasthairdresser told me to heat some coconut oil in a saucepan and apply it to my hair once a week to keep my hair in good condition. I don’t do it often but when I do, my hair feels like silk for days.
I’m a fan of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

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@Coloma LOL, Sure is true. Stand in dim lighting and it takes years off ones face.

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Oh, I did just remember one thing I recently learned to help with puffy eyes and face. Wash your face in the warmest water you can possible handle. Splash the water over and over till your skin looks a bit rosy and even more puffier. Then take a towel and press it firmly against your eyes and face for about 2 minutes. The puffiness should be gone. Now rinse with cold water till your skin feels very cool to the touch to close your pores, and again press it into the towel for about another minute. Be sure to press with the towel. Do not rub. Now apply moisterizer that is water based, not oily.

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Spending money on getting a decent haircut is about my only beauty trick and indulgence. It makes a difference I think.

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I look really good in the dim light of my solar torches around my hot tub. lol

One part light to 8,000 parts darkness. haha

Oh…and, if you don’t want to send yourself into a severe depression..never, and I mean NEVER, EVER…look DOWN into a mirror on your lap. haha

I was carrying a big wall mirror awhile back when I helped my daughter move.

OMG! The HORROR of looking down and seeing the bloodhound in the mirror, cheeks, jowls, I’m amazed the mirror didn’t shatter. lololol

I’ve joked the last few years that I will never be on TOP, ever again! ;-)

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Dim lights make everyone look better! Ever notice the dressing rooms of Victoria’s Secret? They’re kind. Makes it easier to buy sh!t I don’t need haha. Thanks for everyone’s input, gonna give your tips a go :)

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green eyeliner, black mascara

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