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Will computers in the future be capable of having a mental illness?

Asked by talljasperman (21866points) May 18th, 2011

Seeing that Artificial Intelligence is coming… Why not A.I. mental health issues… Like the HAL 9000 in 2001 A Space Odyssey HAL was clearly most likely a psychopath

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Yes. As usual. Mental illness in the form of a virus, could be self-generated this time.

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I guess Artificial Intelligence could be accompanied by Artificial Insanity in some cases.

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if we ever even accomplish a fully functional self learning computer system/program in other words a real a.i. i don’t think it will be possible because if it is a real atrificial intelligence then it will learn from it’s mistakes and of that of others therefore making it impossible for it to self generate a virus which is harmful to it’s own system. If it does happen somehow it will be a one time phenomenon.

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Software glitches. Minor errors that can have big consequences.

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If it has a software glitch or an error then in my oppinion you can’t really call it an A.I.
Just my oppinion.

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I hope not, be pretty annoying when they had a breakdown, like every other week :¬(

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Assuming AI occurs with “consciousness,” then yes.

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Like Marvin the depressed computer…. I kind of like that idea, but I want my computer to be a cold and calculating tool and leave the humanity to me. I don’t like people, so I certainly don’t want my computer to start acting like one.

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It can have mine- I’m willing to share! I really hope not, though. The idea of AI being self-aware enough to have a mental ANYTHING is rather unsettling.

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There is no question on this. The answer is yes, because computer scientists have already deliberately created a mental illness for a computer.

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Yes. Mine forgets what it’s doing in the middle of processing and I have to remind it.

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@jaiyan Gah! If forgetting what you’re doing in mid proces is evience of mental illness, I;m well on my way to being committee.

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