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How can I find more information about a guy that I met at a concert?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) May 19th, 2011

Two days ago I went to a concert and there I met this guy from Monaco. He was speaking spanish… I think.
He was a total cutie and all that. We danced and had a great time. But then when he was leaning in for a smooch I cut him off, and the reason was I was shy. Now thats the only thing that I know about him, from Monaco, speaks spanish and no more. I don’t quite know if I heard rightly but I think he sometime said that he was visiting.
I really liked him and it was very stupid of me to cut him off. Now I can’t think of anything else.

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no :( unfortunately not.

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You could try one of the “missed connections” sections of your local paper. I think craigslist has a similar section.

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@johnpowell I don’t think that we have that in Iceland.

@noelleptc nope.

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Ask around. There can’t be that many Monocoans in Iceland.

Are you sure he said Monaco and nor Morocco? Morocco would be more likely to speak Spanish. What did he look like?

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try the event sections on or the event page on facebook. Look who attended… could take you a while – but maybe it’s worth it!

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Maybe, just maybe I am old fashioned, but this person is a total stranger and he tried to hit on you and you refused? I say, GOOD FOR YOU.

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Check out this song from the musical “Hair.” You are not alone.

Frank Mills”:

Someone from Monaco would speak French.
Moroccans speak Spanish and or Arabic.

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I searched on facebook for people who attended, maybe attending and awaiting reply on the event. I didn’t find him :(
And yes maybe I was a little too excited that I heard morocco and not monaco.

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Ask your friends if they know any of his friends.

After Arabic, the most widely spoken language in Morocco is French. If you don’t speak either Spanish or French, it’s very likely that you simply confused them, since they’re both Romance languages.

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I’m with @john65pennington You don’t know this person at all. You were at a concert and you thought he was cute. That is not much of anything to go on, to start any kind of relationship with.

If he was planning to stick around and he was interested in you, he would have given you his name and his contact info. He doesn’t live in Iceland and is most likely going back to Monaco.

Don’t become one of those people who becomes obsessed with a “fantasy guy.”

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@Kardamom but I can’t help myself. Its the second time something like this is happening to me.

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It’s so terribly romantic and you are how old?

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Answer: Craigslist

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@nailpolishfanatic You need to learn to help yourself in these kinds of situations. There is a lot of potential for getting yourself into serious trouble at the worst, and an embarassing heartache at the least. Don’t ever allow yourself to be drawn into these kinds of situations. It sounds romantic (if it was in a book) but this is your real life. Don’t put yourself in a compromising situation, ever.

Back in the day, parents used to warn their kids of “stranger danger.” But today, with so much readily available online access, I think people (especially women and young girls) really do not see the danger of talking to or trying to track down total strangers because of Facebook and the like because it seems like so much popularity and fun.

It’s hard enough to get to know people in your own town, that you’ve met for real, well enough to try to find out if they’re legitimate or OK. But purposely going after someone that you do not know is just asking for trouble.

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@Kardamom Thank you for the sayings. It brought some sense in me. I will try and forget about him.

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@nailpolishfanatic I’m so glad to hear you say that. You don’t have to forget about him, maybe just write a book or a story about him, just don’t persue him. : )

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@Kardamom Actually you just reminded me to write a diary… I was planning on it and then forgot. It will start with him ;);););)

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@john65pennington, haha, I’m also “old fashioned” as well.

@nailpolishfanatic, glad you’ve found your answer! there’ll be more chances in the future, but random strangers hitting on you…sketchy. yeah, but I’ll just voice my opinion as well, even though it’s repetitive. Definitely not a good idea to search for a charming stranger. =)

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