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My Pops got me a rose plant in a clay pot for my birthday. Any tips on keeping it alive?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 19th, 2011

It looks similar to this. There are no “how to care for” instructions. Roses tend to die on me.

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Sorry, the link isn’t working. I have discovered that it is a miniature rose plant (surprise, surprise!).

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I couldn’t access your pic. But, if it is a minature rose ( or any rose ) they like plenty of sun, consistent watering, but not drowning, and, it can be planted outdoors as well.

You can buy a commercial rose food and follow directions, and, pruning and shaping should happen in January, and never cut back by more than about ⅓rd at a pruning.

If you plant it outside you may have to treat it for Aphids in the summer. You will see clusters of teeny little green aphids and there are special remedies for that.

Do not overhead water or you might get powdery mildew on the leaves. A white looking coating with shriveld leaves.

Dead heading the blooms will also encourage more blooms. :-)

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Your best bet is to plant it outside after it stops blooming. Roses need room to grow, food to eat, rain and sunshine. They will not be happy for long stuffed into a pot, just like us.

Dig a hole, a BIG hole, or read these instructions.

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i always have luck with just checking the soil to make sure it’s still moist-when it’s dry add water and I use a plant food mix that you can buy at Wal-Mart that will feed it for a few months, take dead leaves off as you see them and when one of the buds looks like it’s wilting cut it off so the new ones coming up are able to get the nutrients they need (the one that’s wilting is dying anyway and is only going to take from the rest of the plant). When you get to where you have to start watering it more frequently transplant it to a larger pot or put it in the ground so it doesn’t get croweded. ANd as always, keep it in the sunlight :)

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With container plants and especially roses, overwatering or letting the roots get waterlogged is the biggest no no. But don’t let the plant get dried out either. It’s a tricky balance to get it right. That’s why they’re not easy to grow.

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Sadly, I rent, and am not able to plant it. I may keep it for awhile, then when it is time to plant it in the ground, I will give it back to my Dad.

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@Jude I feel bad for asking, but when was your birthday

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Belated Happy birthday. I suck with dates.

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@Adirondackwannabe thanks, my friend. :)

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I suggest a larger container, but you can keep it in your apartment, with enough sunlight. There are plenty of sites online that can give you tips on how to care for it.

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