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What are some user-friendly statistical resources?

Asked by benchaos (64points) May 19th, 2011

Working on a project, and I need some statistics. Marketing statistics. That support communicating internally with a company.

So, long story short, I want an easy to use database to search for statistics. Are there nice ones out there?

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Please, no one tell me or easily google’d answers about data.

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You might try going to a public library and using their business databases such as Business Source Premier and Datapro.

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Listen to her ^^^. She;s a librarian.

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Any suggestions for online resources though, that we could use while at work?

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Could you be more specific about what kind of data/statistics you are looking for? A lot marketing data is industry specific and I’m also not sure what you mean by statistics that “support communicating internally with a company.” I would think it would be difficult to find data online regarding internal communications within a company if that’s what your talking about.

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Hans Rosling is awesome, go to
I don’t know about marketing though.

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