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Do you think that you are capable to make an orphan in Social section?

Asked by rebbel (28366points) May 19th, 2011

I just checked the orphan tabs in both General and Social section and found that there are many in General and only one in Social.
Makes sense to me, that there are none (well, one) in Social.
After all, even if you don’t know the answer to a question you read there, there is always the possibility to write something unrelated.
But, are you capable of writing a question that is bound to be an orphan?

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I don’t think so – since it’s Social someone’s bound to say something – even if it’s just hi zen how you been.

I thought niki’s social question “have you ever raped someone” was going to be close to an orphan – at least I hoped it would. It ended up being a really crappy, somewhat vile thread.

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Why would I want to? If I ask a question, I want answers.

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@zen I think you are right, anything can be written as a response, but there is one, so it is possible.
@marinelife You wouldn’t, nor would i. This was more a thought experiment. To ask Jellies to come up with creative wording of a question that stil l doesn’t get responses

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@rebbel I checked – just so I could kick it out of the orphanage – but alas – someone got there before me. There is currently no orphan in social.

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So tempted to not answer this and I wish others hadn’t. It would be hilarious.

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My husband literally asked for an orphan question once. He got many great questions for it, then a new user came into the question and answered, ruining his chances. Does anyone here remember that?

I asked a question about the ending of a Dean Koontz book once. It was almost an orphan until my husband answered it for me. He was the only person to answer though.

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I think you might be able to pull it off if you were really rude in the details section. Maybe something along the lines of, “Did anyone see what happened in Flint, MI at the mall yesterday? IF YOU WERENT THERE, FOR GOD SAKES DONT ANSWER THE QUESTION JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE TO SEE YOUR OWN NAME IN PRINT” or something. I’m not good at being purposefully rude, so I’m guessing someone could improve upon the revile-factor to help keep folks away.

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@janbb I had the same thought.
@jonsblond What a sweet husband you have!
@Neurotic_David I wouldn’t answer that :-)

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Sometimes, the answer is no.

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@rebbel Is that you in your avatar? You were cute!

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Sadly, I think I am capable of asking a social question that no one answers. And so I don’t ;-)

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@janbb Yes, that was me in ‘79 about. Thanks, btw!
@picante You made me curious now :-)

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Hi, cute Rebbel . . . oh, I often think I’m from another planet. I suspect I’d craft a question and then proceed to provide details that are so aberrant to the experiences of most that you’d read the question and hop back to the General tab as fast as you could. I could be wrong, of course ;-)

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I’ve had ones where I thought they would be orphans. But then instead of actually answering the question, people chime in with their social commentary.

@zen It was a vile thread, wasn’t it?

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I think I’ve got a few.

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I gave you a GQ for effort @everephebe. :)

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@everephebe Seriously, you thought any question about Star Wars would remain orphaned? Hell, I’d chime in with nothing useful just to remind you that I Am Your Father.

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It’s very possible I may have asked one this evening. If anyone messes up my chances of having an orphan, I’ll have to throw a cupcake at you! :P

nevermind. darnit. someone is finally answering. lol

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We found the (most recent example of an) answer!

Scar removal!!

Four days running, no answers. Perfectly legitimate question.

Fascinating :)

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