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What is the best music library management software?

Asked by slong (8points) April 24th, 2008

Yahoo Music Match SUX – what is the best package to rip CDs, play MP3s, and manage my library?

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you can download it at
It is a free universal program that was built for macs but can run on PCs as well, and is generally considered the best free music managing software. It does basically everything, and is pretty intuitive. If you can’t figure it out after you download it, let me know and I can help you through it.

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yep, iTunes

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I gotta say it! iTunes.

It rips CD’s with Ease, play’s all the popular music formats, mp3, wave, ogg, etc.. Also plays movies, audiobooks.

You can easily manage albums, cover art, ratings, IDv3 Tags, etc..

I have used it for years and hardly have any grips about it.

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where have you been? LOL. iTunes

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AmaroK is praised a lot. Though I take it you’re not using a Linux distribution, so you’ve probably never heard of it. However, once version 2 arrives, it’s supposed to have a Windows version too, so you might like it.

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Lifehacker recently recommended Foobar 2000, Songbird, and WinAmp as viable Windows alternatives to iTunes.


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