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What do you value?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) May 19th, 2011

What do you value most in people?
What do you value most in worldly goods?

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In people: goodness and a sense of humor
In ordly goods: utility

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Peace and serenity of mind.

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In people honesty, integrity, sense of humor, and gentleness
In goods durability, usefulness, and value. I guess that makes utility a GA

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People: honesty, humor, and kindness.
Worldly goods: usefulness and stability.

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People- goodness
Goods- affordability, durability

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Love. Period. That’s what is most valuable to me in life, the universe and everything.
As for things, I want them to work well and last long and be pretty.

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In people: wit, sweetness, fantasticy
In goods: looks, usefulness

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People: Honesty, genuine

Goods: Beauty, durability

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People: Decent character, and ability to deep throat.
Goods: Quality.

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People: flavour and texture.
Goods: Function, Price, Reliability.

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Beauty and quality in both people and goods

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People: Genuineness and a lack of bitchitude
Goods: Quality and aesthetics

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People: honesty with compassion, sense of humor with compassion, integrity, generosity without ulterior motive, kindness.

Goods: stuff that does what it’s supposed to do, products that are user-friendly, machines and gadgets that actually make life more liveable or easy, rather than just being flashy. I’m pretty technologically inept, so I need things to be obvious to me. And I don’t ever, ever, ever want to have to spend more than 10 minutes on the phone with tech support people. That actually makes me suicidal.

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In folks, honesty, honor and common sense.
In things, utility. Multipurpose.

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In people: consistency, integrity, wit.
In things: reliability; comfort; aesthetics.

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@Vunessuh…... Why? Are you sure? XD

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In people: Empathy, honesty, integrity, open-mindedness, optimism, ambition, dedication, vitality, wit, courage, heart, perseverance.

In things: Anything that doesn’t take 20 years to remove from the plastic case.

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@Vunessuh When you meet one,let me know!:)

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Same things in both: dependability,adaptability and attractive packaging.

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People; not being douchebags.

In things; what @Vunessuh said. Damn movie cases being trapped under all this wrapping and a bunch of stickers. Die!

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In people, self respect.
In wordily goods, things of minimalist beauty.

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