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What was the best date you've ever been on?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) May 19th, 2011

What is the one date that you will remember for the rest of your life? What made it so special or fun and what did you do?

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Going to a book store. I’ve been on many dates since then, but since I love to read that was one of my best dates.

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October 13th…giggles. That’s my birthd…...oh shit, i’ve read this wrong haven’t I? ;¬}

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My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I took a blanket to a park and watched a meteor shower. The park was located next to a cemetery that had many strange stories associated with it, one including a cowbell that is heard. We heard the cowbell and gazed up at the sky. I’ll never forget the moment.

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I’m hoping to convince my SO to visit the Japanese Gardens over here with me.

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My first date with one of the best women I’ve ever been with. We went to a restuarant on the other side of the Hudson, looking at the NYC skyline at night time. We were both so nervous, but already knew we liked each other, so it was just breaking the ice. After that we walked along the hudson boardwalk.

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My best date was at my house. He taught me how to play a few different video games, which was really fun/funny, and I taught him how to cook grilled cheese sandwiches. It was nice because I’d known him for a really long time so it wasn’t awkward, just fun and really sweet/cute without feeling forced at all.

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My husband took me for a ride on his motorbike. Never been on one before and we went to a beautiful mountain area about an hour away from here. It was very sexy and romantic.

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In college during my summer internship working for a very fun radio station I began dating one of my co-workers. We proceeded verrry slowly—so much so that I began to think maybe we’d just be friends. We dated for weeks without so much as holding hands or kissing. The tipping point was this date.

After he finished up an evening appearance and I got done with my night job loading and unloading delivery trucks it was already late and neither of us were a loss for what to do he picked me up and we drove north, into the countryside. We planned to just drive and chat—but I pointed out a local landmark (just outside the northernmost edge of town) to him as we drove. He was so intrigued we stopped.. it was the University’s Observatory.
We admired the lovely grounds but found that just as we expected the place was all closed up. In a moment of fearless young stupidity I knocked on the doors.
A grad student working alone (and bored) observing the stars on the gigantic telescope heard my knock and happily let us in, gave us a tour of the place and let us look at far away stars..then shared his snacks (Twinkies and cookies) with us. He was so thrilled for the company, we were so awestruck with the stars.
We left after a couple of hours and strolled onto the long grassy lawn and just laid there on the grass on a warm summer night chatting some more and admiring the night sky. THAT is where we kissed for the first time.
Best. Date. Ever. And it was totally free.

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The ones that don’t feel like a “date”. The ones that go on and on and you never want to end and seemingly don’t.

A blanket, a picnic basket, cheese, crackers, wine on a wall in Newport RI overlooking the water. Simple but the stars and moon pouring down after the sunset made it a wonderful backdrop to a wonderful date.

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I still to this day don’t know if this was a date or not, but I’ll throw it out there anyway…

Woke up at 7, went to breakfast, went on an 8-hour hike on the AT with this person, ate a packed lunch of turkey and homegrown vegetables and home-baked bread on Charlie’s Bunion that we both made ourselves, played in the snow that was still at the peak, hiked back down, went for sushi, then ice cream, then to her house to go shooting, then to a place for sangria, then finally to a park where we smoked clove cigarettes and sang “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes while swinging on the swings til well past 3 am.

…sigh…. every day with this girl is like that… If only she weren’t so ambiguous… :-/

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Sounds beautiful @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. Sounds very romantic and if it wasn’t a date, like it should have been. I am guessing you have been direct and told her how you feel or perhaps you don’t want to spoil what you have? Anyway… qualifies as a date to me.

incidentally, the bike ride with my NOW husband, was our first ‘date’ and it finished with us both walking on clouds

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@Bellatrix, I’ve known this chick for 10 years. We were best friends in middle school and much of highschool, we dated for a spell my sophomore year of highschool, but she broke up with me for another guy and we didn’t speak again until about a few months ago, when we met up again to go on this hike and we instantly became best friends again like when we were younger and we’ve been doing stuff like this ever since. I’ve always been smitten pretty hard with this chick, but she’s always been incredibly ambiguous… except for when we got drunk off a bottle of wine and fell asleep holding hands…

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It was the last time I went away with my bf that passed, we went to mystic ct and stayed at a really nice hotel, went out to dinner had drinks and proceeded back to the hotel and had 7 hours of tantra sex, so amazing and connected you feel when you do tantra. I will never forget get that night or him.

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Two years ago.
Now fiancée took me to a historic haunted mountaintop hotel and had booked a fabulous room with private indoor garden and balcony that opened up to the outside overlooking the valley below. We had a fabulous sunset dinner and a night walking around the tiny old town. The next day we boarded a steam train that toured the entire surrounding valley and mine sites. Our car accommodations were 1st class so we were treated to drinks, nibbles and posh decor.

I remember feeling so comfortable with him, as if we’d been a couple for years. Those few days had such an impact on us both that we both say it was the point where we knew we wanted to be together and the locale has become one of our favorite getaways. We’ll be betting married on that very steam train this fall :)

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Wow! all of these dates sound great! I hope to have many memorable dates like these in the near future!

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I went on a marathon-date with a guy I dated last year. First we went to dinner at this awesome Jamaican restaurant. Then we saw a local band play at a café. Then we saw a play, followed by a show by an improv troupe. Then it was time for a midnight bagel brunch! (This was in college, where all this stuff happens within feet of each other). Phew!

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Going to Disney land….(April 2nd 2011) It was…The best…in my life…I would do…a lot of things to relive that again.. It felt like a dream….If you look at my avatar it tells some of it. She was afraid of the haunted mansion so I went with her. She said she felt safe in my arms….Best day in my life….<3

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March 9, 2010. My brithday and I missed my flight back home and I was stranded in the airport alone and tired. I finally got on the next plane that evening and reached home to a surprise birthday party from my best friend. It was simply great.

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