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What is supposed to happen Saturday May 21 2011?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) May 19th, 2011 from iPhone

I’ve recently heard stories about doomsday happening this Saturday. What exactly is supposed to happen? The world ends? A flood? I’ve heard so many different scenarios.

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Well supposedly Saturday is “Judgement Day.” That is the day that God takes the people who committed sins to hell and the people who did not to heaven. I personally do not believe that will happen. So we are all supposed to die and go to hell…

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Apparently, it’s the 7000th anniversary of Noah’s flood and there’s going to be an apocalypse because of man’s increasing sins (including the increasing acceptance of homosexuality!) and then on October 21st, the world will be obliterated.

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But don’t worry it’s not true

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I guess it’s all a wait and see, I don’t believe a word just one more thing for hype.

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I do not buy that…It is not going to happen.

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After absolutely nothing happens, with any luck they’ll commit suicide.

OK that was bad.

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One thing I find funny is that the guy found “judgment day” by deciphering clues hidden in the bible.

Apparently forgetting the bible wasn’t written in English, and that the current version is missing more than half of the books.

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@tedd Wow, really? I didn’t know that! What language was the bible originally in? Italian?

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It is the day I troll my mom.

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It’s my 31st 27th birthday again.

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Anyone want to bet me? I’ll put down $1,000,000 it won’t happen? Of coarse if it does happen, neither of us will be around to settle the bet. This is really a joke and not an actual offer of $1,000,000

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It says in the bible “No man will know the day, or the hour.” So don’t worry. It’s not gonna happen…

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Matthew 24:36 – No one knows that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, only the Father.

But they bilked a lot of stupid people out of money to “advertise” this claim. Billboards aren’t cheap. I bet the dude and his family walk away with most of the donated money. I know it is a shitrag but a example.

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A man called that man on the radio and said “If you’re wrong, and we all live through saturday, would you be willing to refund all the money people have donated?” And the guy just said “I’m not wrong.” (Not exact words.) He’s so confident that he “decoded” the bible… The code is to follow what it says. That’s all…

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@ julietxx3 it was originally in Hebrew. I would just like to point out that the guy who said this is about 95 and he’ll probably be the one to die in the end.

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The person who has predicted it is really old and full of nonsense. His name is Harold Camping and he has already falsely predicted the world (at least) three times. It angers me that he gets publicity and people that actually follow him. How awkward for him when the world doesn’t end (yet again) and he;s just sitting there either thinking that he’s raptured or a lame duck who was just proven wrong. God is coming when we least expect it, so stop trying to outsmart him. Newsflash—you wont. Go worry about other things in life, like not taking the bible literally. Just because some fancy numbers coincidentally add up to saturday’s date, anniversary of days that we’re not even sure of, doesn’t mean parousia. There are many other interperetations for such numbers to be added or multiplied to make certain (infinite) numbers. He lacks this logic, poor, poor man.

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There is supposed to be a terrible earthquake at 6 p.m. local time (he didn’t say standard or DST) starting in New Zealand and working its way as each time zone turns 6 p.m. So we’ll have at least 13 or 14 hours warning.

Camping said he found the error in his calculation for 1994. Camping calculates May 21 is exactly 7,000 years from the date of the Noah’s Ark flood. In his book “Time Has an End,” Camping writes. “The year 391 B.C. is the year when the Old Testament was finished, and 2,011 + 391 – 1 = 2,401, or 7×7 x 7×7.”

There is no explanation why he subtracted 1….or how he figured May 21 and not the 19th or even some day in April.

Read more.

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And how to we know when the flood happened? Scratch that, how do we know it even happened?! New Zealand isn’t the first time zone and just because those dates are “special” or “coincidental” doesn’t mean rapture.
just to clarify, I’m not trolling you, I’m just in such a disagreement with Camping, as it offends me greatly.

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Anyone want to play Scrabble in Hell on Sunday?

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Personally if a bunch of people get raptured on the 21st I’m hoping they leave their car/house keys behind for me. I’m so trolling the church parking lots for a nice Beemer or something…

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I take Milo for his monthly trip to the Humane Society for his pedicure. If the rapture is coming, perhaps it could help calm Milo’s GI tract and prevent him from barfing in the carrier in the car.

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@Julietxx3 English didn’t exist as a language when the bible was written.

Hebrew would be the language you’re looking for. Though later books of it would be written in various different languages.

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It’s interesting that Judgement Day is Saturday, but THE END OF ALL TIME isn’t until October 21st. It took 6 days to create the damned thing, but five months to destroy it? God can do better than that.

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^^ Agreed!!!!
Props. Good point.(:

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Well, I’m scheduled to work at 8am so I’ll be getting up around 7 or so. Gotta put up the new ad, hopefully the photo machines will be up and running by then.

Unless The Rapture does happen, in which case I’ll probably call in and watch movies until God shows up. Maybe he’ll bring popcorn extra butter, please.

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Do ANY of you realize that there are normal people who don’t bible thump or preach at others about their faith or run around with big cardboard rapture signs or condemn everyone to hell, yet still believe there is a God and there will be a rapture? Not saying it’s going to be tomorrow, but all this talk about how stupid and pathetic Christians are, and hopefully they’ll commit suicide is even more pathetic. I’m ashamed of you.

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The reality here is focusing on how we live everyday. Live it like there is no tomorrow, true to your faith or to your moral compass. For me its my faith in Christ and I totally second what @WillWorkForChocolate says. I’m far from perfect and certainly need Christ, other wise I would be lost.

Again, If we live life like everyday matters its doesn’t matter whether its tomorrow or ever.

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Way to completely twist the words of people on this site to feed your persecution complex. No one said anything about Christians being stupid and pathetic. The comment about suicide was about this particular group, not Christians in general. Where are you getting your ideas from?

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@Season_of_Fall steps back looking at @DominicX with pitty and wonders what he was thinking picking a fight with @WillWorkForChocolate. lol

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Excuse me for calling people out on bullshit.

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@AshLeigh thinks people are acting daft, and should discontinue combating, on account of it will get you nowhere, and does nothing to answer the question, or benefit the conversation.

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OMG it’s @Seelix‘s birthday tomorrow! Let’s all think of that instead of whether people are right or wrong.

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Happy birthday tomorrow, @Seelix. :D:D:D:D:D (In case I forget to say it tomorrow)

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@Seelix Happy Birthday. Go out with a bang!

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I’m trying to resist the very strong urge to ask how old @Seelix is, or will be. I should be commended for my restraint.

Happy Birthday, @Seelix. Wishing this early in case one or both of us are enraptured on Saturday. Or drunk.

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Thanks, gents! @WasCy – I’ll be technically 31, but I’ll be celebrating 27 again.

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Haha. Why 27? Most people say “I’m 29, again.”

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That’s funny. If I live long enough and the world is still extant, I’ll be celebrating the 31st anniversary of my 27th birthday in the fall. This is such a freaky coincidence that it’s clear to me that we should celebrate together.

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27 is my favourite number, I’m not sure why. So I’ve been rockin’ 27 since ‘07 :)
That is so strange, @WasCy! I think a celebration is definitely in order.

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Sings the “Celebrate good times” Song.

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Happy birthday Seelix!!!!!

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Shucks, thanks ;)

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They’re coming to take me away haha…

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Have a fantastic birthday @Seelix!!!!!

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You know I side more on the Christian perspective but I’m officially a little ticked at this guy saying this is going to happen. My wife found my ten year old crying about this yesterday because of all he was hearing in school (other kids), plastered on the MSN internet page and the news. Shame on him and shame on the news for picking it up.
Hey moron, “you will not know the time” by God, remember that statement in the bible?

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“No one will know the day, or the hour. Not the angels in heaven, or even the son. Only the Father.” <—- This guy thinks he predicted the day AND the hour. How bogus is that? He thinks he can outtsmart God?

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Now all I have to say is WRONG! I think? Is anyone out there? lol.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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There is a God. And religion is not for weak minded people. Religion gives people a sense of morals and stability. There is a God and he gives people hope. You sir (or ma’am), need Jesus.

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@Julietxx3 well said, thank you.

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