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The one thing you could go back and convince yourself was important to believe?

Asked by Bri_L (12211points) April 24th, 2008

What would be the one thing you wish you could go back to any point in your life and get yourself to believe in?

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Myself. Who knows what I couldve accomplished with a bit more confidence from a young age :)

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Coming from an abused childhood, I wish someone had taught me that I am worthy of respect, love, and happiness. It’s taken me over 4 decades to finally believe it fully.

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@ wildflower – I hear that. I have a twin brother who built himself up by putting me down. The minute I got out from under him and spoke for myself, wow.

@ hearkat – You go! I am sorry for time lost but hit it for all your gonna do!

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Thanks, Bri! I fully intend to! :)

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My ‘twin’ was a year older ;)

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That if I tried hard enough and worked at it everyday I would have done so much better in last season’s baseball team. Atleast spring is approaching I can try again!

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I would have liked to have more self confidence too. If I had higher self estemm when I was yonger, I wouldn’t have made so many bad life choices and mistakes. Here’s one small example: When the movie Edward Scissorhands was being filmed in my town, I had a mobile dog grooming service. I got the idea to go to the site and ask if they needed an on-site groomer, because at the time, I was the only one in a 25 mile radius. But I didn’t think I could do a good enough job for them, so I never even tried. Once the movie came out, and I saw the ridiculous cuts they did on the dogs, I wanted to shoot myself! it didn’t help that the groomer that did the job was my biggest competitor either. And there is the fact that I missed the chance of seeing Johnny Depp up close… sigh

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I would have told myself that hard work is important. I deserve to have what I want, and that getting it and making myself happy is worth working hard.

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I would like to have been able to remember every single day that my grandmother loved me completely, so that I wouldn’t have taken it so hard that my mother didn’t.

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That being single and happy is more than okay and giving up my single life to start a relationship would turn out to bite me in the ass.

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That your kids will grow up too fast and to cherish every moment with them.

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It’s funny, I read this question a day or two ago and passed over it, but I think my mind was working on an answer without my knowledge. So I’m back.

I wish I could convince myself to believe (then and now) that he (or she)—at least the one(s) who really matter—probably won’t fall in love with you because of how you look or what you accomplish. Love cannot be caused, it just happens. I think tenderness grows for the oddest reasons, like the endearing way you trip down the stairs. So don’t worry about capturing it and just let it fall where it may.

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@ ljs22 Thank you so much for coming back and contributing your thoughts!! I appreciate it!

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My pleasure, Bri. Good question!

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Dont sweat the small stuff. Life is short.

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I’d go back and give myself the knowledge that I was “worth it”.

It would have been a far different experience had I known early on that my wants, needs, dreams, ambitions, and feelings were just as important as the other guy’s.

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