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What factors could hinder future employment opportunities?

Asked by nikkiduq (551points) May 20th, 2011

What would make an employer not want to hire you? (Aside from criminal cases.)

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Extracurricular activities. (drugs)

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As someone who has hired people, I look for drug use, indications of unreliability, and often jumping from one job to another.

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An employment history that is either non-existent or includes lots of job hopping.

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Wearing high tops with your 3 piece suit.

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What’s on your FB page and your internet footprint. The majority of employers check social media. If there are pictures out there of you drunk, half naked, or acting stupid, or if your wall posts are immature, that can stop you from being hired. Google yourself and see what you look like to a stranger. This article is from 2009. More

Also, your credit score can be a detriment for certain types of jobs.

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@rts486 and @SuperMouse how many jobs and how long they stayed in that job would you consider for a person to be job-hopping?

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Employment gaps. If you can work the hours they want you to work or not. These are all I can come up with right now. I’m sure there’s plenty more.

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@nikkiduq I am not a hiring manager, but a new job every couple of months over the course of a year or two would seem to be job-hopping to me. Keep in mind there is a difference between working for a temp agency and taking job after job and quitting or being fired in short order.

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@SuperMouse thank you very much for your answer. :)

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When people come in to fill out an application and bring a friend is a pretty clear indicator that the application will go straight to the round file. Also, dressing inappropriately for the job they are applying for, poor grooming, excessive tattoos (although they have become pretty mainstream, if everything else was equal the person without the tattoos would have a better chance of getting hired.)
To much perfume, to much make up, poorly fitting clothes, being unprepared for an interview, chewing gum in an interview, not making eye contact, lack of confidence, over confidence, lack of experience, being over qualified, ...

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In addition to the above, not being qualified, requiring a salary higher than a company is willing to pay, lying on a resume/application, talking poorly about previous employers, sharing really weird personal information during an interview, displaying bizarre behavior during an interview, and in some cases, being related to someone within the company.

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Arrest record, I know for quite a few of my financial jobs they needed to bond me regardless or not if I were dealing with the money. A BCI gives them a search of your fingerprints in the FBI database. You want to be cautious of the things you do in your life that can put you in stituations where you could get you arrested.

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1. Not having the experience that the job requires.

2. Dressing poorly or not responding well to the interview questions.

3. Lying on your resume (caught during background check).

4. There were other, better-qualified candidates.

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No skills.
Dressing or behaving inappropriately.
Poor language skills – (bi-lingual or non native speakers excepted.)
Arriving late.
A more qualified person beat you to it.

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@nikkiduq I would say staying at a job less than a year, for consecutive jobs. Of course this can vary, depending on the job field. My experience is hiring people to work for me in a professional position.

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Showing up sloppily dressed/groomed to ask for a job application.

Poor verbal articulation, heavy slang vocabulary.

Not on time.

No pen.

Having no knowledge about the company.

Talking badly about previous employers.

Talking down to other employees while waiting for interviewer.

Talking on cell phone on arrival or allowing it to go off during interview.

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hitting on the person interviewing you

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@blueiiznh Do you know this from experience? :-)

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This thread has made me feel pretty confident about being hired lol. I can’t imagine people would do some of these things, but it’s a big world. Although of course you can’t help somone more qualified beating you.

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We were once interviewing a candidate, and when he was taken to meet the VP of our dept., the poor guy threw up in the VP’s trashcan due to nerves. We still hired him. :)

Good luck with the job hunt!

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@Pied_Pfeffer LOL. That’s awesome. I’m inspired. :)

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@Pied_Pfeffer thats pretty funny. some people get so nervous over suits and titles.

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I could swear I tod a story on this thread. If someone finds a misplacesd story that seems more appropriate for THIS thread, please let me know. How embarrassing!

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