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Has anyone else noticed that The Big Bang Theory (TV show) has "Jumped the shark"?

Asked by LuckyGuy (36505points) May 20th, 2011

(In case the term JTS is unfamiliar see: Jumping the Shark )

I really enjoyed the first three seasons. But recently the story lines have begun to degrade and the last few episodes were downright painful – despite the laugh track’s implication of unbridled hilarity.
They had so much good material to use: smart geeks, Physics, Math, R&D, government funding, OCD, research projects gone awry.
The cleverness has been replaced with subject matter like, bowel problems, dating, and partner swapping like Friends, Glee, or 90210. Yuk.
Does anyone know what happened? Did writers leave the show?

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Sounds like they are catering to the lowest common denominator to boost their ratings. It’s an executive decision, alas.

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I don’t watch television shows with laugh tracks. As a tv sitcom that’s been on for a while I wouldn’t be surprised. There’s lots of politics with that kind of work. I’m sure writers have been exchanged and let go in hopes of higher ratings, to liven things up. Probably they now have a failing combo. Who knows?

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I was sorry to see that happening, and last night’s opening sequence was just mean. I love those guys, i don’t want to see them go down that road.

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It just got so stupid. First it was Penny with Leonard- a highly unlikely occurrence. Then Leonard starts “dating” Raj’s gorgeous, successful sister, Priya – about as likely as Howard finding his mother driving the Mars rover. Last night, Penny and Raj ended up in bed. And Bernadette bought Howard a Rolex because she just landed a good job. Did the job come with a $500k signing bonus? Besides what engineer under the age of 30 wears a watch?
Sad. I hope they figure it out soon. It was one of the few shows I actually watched.
What happened to scenes like these?
Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock
Friendship Algorithm
Christmas Present

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I heard the hype about this show and watched all the episodes last summer. While I was entertained at first, I realized by season 2 that Big Bang Theory isn’t a show for geeks as much as it’s a show about geeks, or more accurately, the way pop culture sees geeks.

And though it has had it’s occasional moments, it doesn’t tickle my geek bone anywhere near as much as SGU, Fringe, etc.

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I must say, I enjoyed the progression of Sheldon’s 3 person chess….

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I really like that show. I hope the message gets through that they need some better writing and leave the sex out a little. The show is becoming a soap opera.

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I thought the 3 person chess was clever too. But I was no longer sure that it was conceptually correct. When they said something in the earlier shows you knew it was right. The rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock really is a fair game with each selection beating and beaten by the same number of opponent choices. They used to have a physicist on staff who checked for accuracy. I liked that.
Now some of the scenarios are less plausible than the solution of Schrodinger’s and Maxwell’s equations predicting that Penny’s left boob will spontaneously disassemble and reassemble in Howard’s bedroom. (..Cue laugh track..)
I have not run the numbers myself but I’m pretty sure the odds of Priya ever playing naked Star Trek with someone like Leonard and “Opening the landing bay doors because the shuttle craft is approaching” are even more remote.

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I know, and their new-found obsession with scatology is a bit juvenile and disturbing. If Chuck Lorre’s trying to portray the breakdown of an already tenuous friendship dynamic because of the influence of uncertain variables (two attractive real women) then he’s doing a fine job, but I doubt that that is his aim. I miss my boys.

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Regardless of how bad the recent episodes were, I will always be a “Big Banger” for life! (Or at least until it’s cancelled, or finishes it’s run)

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I agree: it has gone downhill in the last few (quite a few) episodes.

One of my favourite scenes comes from the first episode when Sheldon and Leonard head over to Penny’s ex’s apartment building and fail to gain entry. As they stand and puzzle out how to get into the building, lamenting that they “should be able to figure this out because they have a combined IQ of 360” when a couple of girls scouts waltz up and push every button on the board gaining entry to the building. Leonard states, “What do you think their IQ is?”

I hope they back track from the focus on romantic relationships.

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I still like the series.

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I agree entirely, the show used to be brilliant, now it downright sucks.

- Too many characters almost identical to Sheldon.
– Sheldon keeps making mistakes, for example “The more the merrier”, “5 friendships is herculean”, etc.
– It’s just not funny, nor as intelligent as it once was.

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