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How much do you send to graduates?

Asked by richmarshall (1047points) April 24th, 2008

It is that time of year again and the graduation announcements are starting to come in the mail. Do you feel obligated to give? How much do you give? Does the amount change depending on the closeness of the relationship?

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Amount definitely changes depending on closeness to the graduate. If it is a close family member or friends, than I always give more. If it someone a little less close, than I would lower the amount. As far as how much, I think that totally depends on your financial situation, and the economic atmosphere you (and your friends/family) are a part of. Also, I have graduated from high school, college and a masters program, and the amount of money has seemed to go up from each of those. So maybe the prestige of the program they are graduating from? I have received anywhere from $100–500. Not including parents.

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I think closeness definitely impacts amount. I agree with supergirl, also the amount should depend upon the type of diploma. The more school you’ve finished the more likely you are to be broke!

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yes, I feel obligated to give. But I can’t give as much as supergirl has received. I usually give $25, but sometimes give as much as $50 for a closer relative. I usually get 3 – 6 cards every year, so I can’t be very lucrative.

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