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Is there a printer that works with iphone?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone


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I did not know they had a print option in iphone

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for example I have I wi fi network set up at my house and my printer is hooked to that network. So any computer or device that can print and on my network can use printer

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they don’t. But if you get a printer that works with it, it should bring the software

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I’m not sure its that easy to load software on a iPhone. Besides the printer software i do not believe allows you to print to that printer. The print option is built into the operating system

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ok thank you..I guess I was expecting to much from this little thing…thank you

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maybe the next software update will bring that option. I heard a new option will be that you will be able to save picture and documents from email

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My guess is that as soon as we have acsess to the app store (probably late June), we should see printing applications available.

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i think their is an iphone setting like if you ssh into the iphone it has a printer tab

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