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Ideas for our video game?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) May 20th, 2011

We are making a video game for school. We need ideas for themes and problems in the game. (For example, you need to destroy the bad guy before he shoots you.)

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Something that involves raising school spirit with the use of a school mascot could be intriguing.

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A hall monitor could have a role in it.

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You have three different colors/shapes/faces of objects on the screen, moving around, more trickling in. You do something (click? push off the screen? shoot?) to eliminate them. The goal is to get rid of them all without ever having one color/shape/face represent more than twice as much as any other.

It could be a cooperative game too.

You could decide whether to tell the player(s) how many of each color is left, or to make them judge.

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Depends on what grade level you are. If you’re a freshman in high school like I am you’d probably want to go with something basic like invaders or brick breaker. But if you’re in college I think you should do a cool side-scroll runner like Canabalt except you have bosses that you race every 1000m that get faster with each one. You can also shoot the boss to slow him down, but he dodges the bullets by jumping or doing a special trick that has limits, like becoming a ghost so he can allow it to go through, but he can only do that once every 10 seconds and it has to power back up. Just a suggestion. That’s probably what I’d make if I knew how.
I also like platformers like Super Mario.

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You wake up in a glass cube and a computer voice gives you this weird gun that shoots holes in the walls that take you to other dimensions. And tells you that you’ll be given cake if you solve all the upcoming puzzles…

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Why not making something similar with Peggle ?

Easier and with a lot of impact [ they will love it ]

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Search and destory Rappers…with a 357magum.

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It depends on the type of game you want. If you want an action, puzzle etc. Then you can come up with the problems and stuff you need.

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How about a game where you have some birds in cages and you have to shoot pigs at them out of a big slingshot to knock the cages over and set the birds free?

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