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Which ingredients make for a song to be a big hit?

Asked by rebbel (31993points) May 20th, 2011

Suppose you were a music producer, what would be something you would definitely put in to make sure you had a hit at your hands?
Anything ranging from sing style, lyrics, looks, performance, video, marketing, virals, instruments, gimmicks, etc.
What do you think would sure work?

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You gotta make love to it. Sweet, passionate, sweaty love to it.

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Many hit pop songs have a very basic beat what’s called:


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The way it smells…usually….but there are exceptions.This one stunk.:)

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So, up-tempo with claps, funky base, horny, horns, English castrates a bit of innuendo and some annoying twelve year olds should do the job?

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1) Autotune
2) Generic lyrics including such phrases as “put your hands up”, “in the club”, and who could forget “baby, I love you”
3) Pronounce “baby” like “bay-beh”
4) ????
5) PROFIT!!!

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Generic repetitive music lots of sampling from other better songs and a touch of auto tune for good measure.

If you want to make a break beat hit id follow these ingredients

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All you need to know can be found right here.

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A shit ton of fans doesn’t hurt either. :)

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Simple beats, stupid lyrics, and either hot chicks or cute boys. Being an asshole doesn’t hurt, either. Moody Blues, save this generation’s music, pleaseā€¦

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Catchy hooks, pretty melodies, structure = (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus)

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