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What's a good massage lotion?

Asked by Jeruba (52196points) May 20th, 2011

Eleven weeks past surgery now, the fracture of my right arm is healing pretty well, but my hand is very stiff and swollen and has limited motion. As part of my home physical therapy program to regain full use of the hand, I’m to have daily hand massages to reduce swelling.

The lotions we have around the house really aren’t right for this.

Can you recommend a good massage lotion?

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For hands, hmmm… Have you tried udderly smooth? I hear that’s decent.

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The Body Shop has a camomile lotion for massages that my wimmenz seem to enjoy :)

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Good ol’ olive oil will do the trick. Plus, it’s natural and great for your skin.

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I would use something with arnica in it like Weleda’s but there are other brands available too, at your health food store probably. Also, @Facade‘s idea, just plain olive, is good too.

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Almond oil is nice:)

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Is a massage therapist coming to do the massage? Usually they bring a special oil.
My uncle is a massage therapist. (Lucky me) He uses some minty smelling oil.(:

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@AshLeigh, no—I see him in his office twice a week, and he has shown my husband how to do the daily hand massage at home. The therapist actually uses an ultrasound lotion, but that’s not a drugstore item.

What we have around are moisturizing lotions that feel nice but soak right in. We need something that continues to lubricate.

Olive oil . . . hmmm, we do have that.

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If you don’t like the feel of straight olive oil you can mix it with the moisturizer. It won’t take much (2–3 tablespoons per ounce).

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This stuff is wonderful and smells heavenly too. It has a really nice feel for massage; nice and smooth, not heavy. You can buy it at most natural food stores.

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I order Home Health Almond glow oil by the bathtub. It contains peanut, olive, lanolin oil and vitamin E and acts like an emollient.

Plus you’ll smell like marzipan. The oil is nicer than olive or baby or mineral oil, and leaves the skin lubricated long after any lotion is a faint memory. (And I believe that I have the oldest skin on fluther.)

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Coconut oil is magical. Your body temp melts it.

(Don’t get me started.)

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This is a really good massage oil. It is pricey, but it works wonders.

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My second favorite, after the Almond oil, is Jojoba oil.


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Olive Oil is the best.

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Olive Oil is a great hot oil treatment for your hair too!

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