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When you get the screen with King Neptune on it, what the heck does he have in his mouth?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 20th, 2011

What are those little orange things coming out of King Neptune’s mouth?

I thought they were Cheez Doodles. I may be mistaken.

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The tentacles of the Jelly he is currently devouring. If you look to the right you’ll see an intact and frightened jelly.

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@JilltheTooth Thank you! Now I feel stupid!

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A jelly. (One of us)

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I’ve actually never seen that other little jelly. Shows how much I pay attention to detail!

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You come here thinking this is a nice place, that everyone is nice. Then you see King Neptune, devouring helpless jellies.

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@chyna The thing is, he is quite the obese little king, so that must mean he eats a lot of the jellies! I’m afraid now! ::cowers in fear::

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No, no, he’s devouring EVIL Jellies! Banned Jellies, Jellies who refused to play nice and left in a huff!

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::peers around screen::

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Now I’m going to have dreams of King Neptune coming out of my closet with a filleting knife. Beware!

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@chyna : Stop scaring the children!

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@JilltheTooth Who you callin children?

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And he’s smiling as he eats a jelly.

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@queenie ; Anyone under 50!

@chyna : That’s cuz we’re all such tasty little morsels!

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It is a SpamJelly of course! :D

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Hi, Doggie Darlin! Glad to see you!

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My penis.

don’t ask . . .

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@Blondesjon Have you got more than one penis!? Sorry, had to ask…

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A fellow jelly. Beware, if you piss the mods off, they will have you eaten!!!

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Yeah, it looks like he’s eating a little jellyfish. That’s why that little guy is over to the right is upset…

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This has posed problems before—cheez-doodles don’t quite get it.
see [among others]

BTW non sequitur—those jellies Neptune is eating look like crinkly french fries.
I didn’t realize they were jellies at first.

this one
contains an interesting discussion of 3-legged jellies!

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A jelly made of cheese doodles.

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