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Will you play the "The Zombies Are Here But They're Not Gonna Eat Me Alive!" game?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22782points) May 21st, 2011

[ The rules are simple. Every post should read like an entry to your “diary” as to the things you did or will do since the zombie apocalypse began. Your posts will be bits and pieces of realistic anecdotes of zombie encounters as you leave your home to go somewhere or just stay in your house if you think you’ll survive there. Note the Time, Day and Location of your story to give it an authentic feel. The more “realistic postings” you do the better.]

Here we go…

All TV and cable broadcast are shut down, even the emergency frequency. The last news that came out on the radio confirmed a still unidentified “black mist” swept through all the world’s countries and took some unknown number of people. No one is certain why they were picked but some religious groups believed it to be part of the rapture. Millions that did not disappear end up dead, only to rise and walk again as zombies. However, there are people who were not taken by the mist and did not die. These people are now either the prey or predator of zombies. Which one will you be?

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3:35 am Saturday. Burlington Township NJ.

It started for us when Uncle Mandy heard scratchings at the door and opened it. He was looking for Riker, his dog, the whole afternoon, so naturally we thought it was him scratching. We were right. And we were wrong. It was Riker alright. But the animal with the all white rotting eyes who snarled and bit my uncle’s leg, pulling him screaming into the dark was not the dog who won the Westminster Dog Show two weeks ago.

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Time, unknown, date, unknown.

I have been trapped for counless days, my foog and water supplies are nearly depleted, all hope seems lost. Wait, I can hear a sound coming from the outside, I don’t know what it is, and I may not answer again but I will record it so that anyone who finds this may find out what happened and where we went wrong. For some strange reason this sound brings me hope, but I don’t know why. Here is the sound

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6:00 am, Monday Morning

We’ve been spent our nights at school for almost a week now. It’s too dangerous to go outside. We have been surviving off our supply of cafeteria food, but without electricity most of it has become spoiled. I can see how this situation is starting to take its toll, mentally. We can be exhausted and apathetic one moment, and violently agitated the next. People yell at and fight with each other constantly with little provocation or reason. Just yesterday, one kid got his face slammed into a wall because he wasn’t willing to share the piece of gum he had been chewing for three days straight. The teachers can’t do anything – nobody listens to them anymore. I miss my family. I hope they’re alright.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I’ve been feeling weak, yet restless, the past couple of days. I hope this ends soon.

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4:00pm, Thursday

Yesterday, a group of teachers went out on an expedition to find food. They haven’t come back yet. I’ve been snacking on big pack of salami I’ve had hidden in a locker. It would be pointless to share it; there are 400 of us here. Besides, I need it. I’ve been getting weaker and weaker. Every morning the pounding in my head gets worse. I’m cold. I hope this ends soon.

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Early Morning, May (I think)

The usual scratching at the boarded up windows overnight, but all is quiet now. I take a peek through the letter box. It is a sunny day and the street seems peaceful so I get my shopping bag and shotgun and step outside looking carefully both ways before crossing the road.

The pools of dried blood that lie everywhere smell and are covered in large black flies. The sky above is a perfect blue; it is going to be hot. There are no vapour trails.

I reach Walmart and step through the shattered glass doors. The smell is putrid and there is lots of blood. I have never liked shopping. I step carefully through the wreckage and gather what I need, long life milk, tea, cans of fruit, beans, bottled water. At least I won’t have to pay for it.

I don’t like enclosed spaces other than my own home and so I leave quickly. I pause at the blood smeared doors. There is not a sound. There are no car engines revving up and there are no birds singing. The sound of feet dragging across the ground is purely in my imagination. It is a sound that haunts me.

I get back to my home and close and bar the door. It is dark inside. I make a cup of tea.

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Saturday, May 21st 6:00 PM.
The sun will be setting soon…making final preparations for the long haul this evening and so far so good. The first wave of zombies was impressive in it’s own way but I was genuinely surprised at how easily they went down. Even my 15 yr old was taking them down with single shots of the 22 rifle and the smile on his face said it all. They also don’t seem as dumb as they look as the pile of zombie corpses outside the concertine wire seem to serve notice to the others that this is not the place to come a knockin.

I seem to have found a pretty good strategy as any time a neighbor goes by running for it’s life I wing em with shot to the legs to slow them down and the zombies outside the wire get to have what they came for and seem to be content just hanging out waiting for more brains instead of trying to get in my defenses. I swear one of the undead gave me the thumbs up with the last one! We will see what the night brings….

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11:00pm Saturday

yesterddy more pepl went look for food. the rets ofu s no ergy to move. alkmost finisd salami. toomy keeps lookign at me werid. so tired. so hungrt . so cold. so hurting so hungrty. i hope end soon.

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4:00 am Saturday.

No one else in the house wanted to go out to try and save Uncle Mandy. Did I say save? My aunt is in shock but why do I feel she really isn’t and the reason she is pretending to be in shock is that she knew my Uncle loved his dog more than her. But what do I know, I’m fucking 17. There I said that word for the first time. No, the third. The first time was when Riker the zombie dog took his best friend. Man’s best friend huh? The second time was less than a minute after that. Ok, I’m going out. Why? All my cousins are chicken shit except Bill who keeps shrieking he wants to get his Dad back. But I can’t bring him with me. He’s 3 and he’s only good if I use him as bait. ( Why am I thinking like this?! ) I’ll never do that!What’s happening out there?! Fuck! ( Ok that’s four )

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07:00 am Monday, Garden shed.

This place smells. Smells of earth and dust and musky dog. If it weren’t for my little sister Amy I wouldn’t stay here any longer but what can I do? My first priority is keeping her safe. And I can hardly do that whilst going around the streets hunting them down, now can I?
Caleb came last night. Gave us some bottles of water and a tin of pea puree. Asked me to join the guys in the fight but I said no. Doesn’t he get it? I can’t leave Amy alone. She’s the only one I have left now, everyone else is gone. I refuse to believe my family is in that form of a being. They are dead. What is left is nothing but an evil life force in thier bodies.

I hate staying here, always dreading what will come in the night, but it’s the only safe place for miles around, except for the bunker Caleb and the guys stay in. They’ll only let me in if I join the force. I’m thinking maybe I should. I don’t know. It’s all so fucked up I don’t even know if I’m still sane or not. I just hope help comes soon.

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6:18 am Same fucked up day!

Went out with a baseball bat instead of Bill. It was totally dark at first but power went back on for a good I don’t know how long…but it was enough for me to see where Riker took my uncle…for chow. A chow for a Chow Chow! Lol. Yeah, I laughed. Right then and there. Who wouldn’t? Just figured that out. If you want buzzing fear out of your head, think of everything as a joke. Like when I realized my uncle’s head is no longer connected to his body, the thought that came was, Uncle Mandy didn’t you say to me once in sending me to college never to lose my head?! Ha,ha…youu diid! Yeah, this guy raised me after my no good bum of a Dad left me for drugs and women. This guy saved me and now he’s being chewed by Cujo like a buffalo wing. So…no disrespect to PETA or dog lovers out there but I brought my bat into Riker’s head like it was my own Dad’s. Also took my uncle’s wedding ring. I’ll tell why when I know the answer why I did that at all. Gotta go. Be back. Gotta wash my hands. Peace!

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OMG, no! I hate zombies! :(

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Thursday, 4:30 ish PM

I didn’t think the zombpocalypse would be so boring. Card games can only be interesting so long, and we really neglected stocking up on board games. We watched some movies at first, but then our stupid lighting-struck TV put the volume up instead of down, and we couldn’t switch it back without the remote. Okay, so the first day was pretty exciting. I picked off about two dozen of them with my AK (that’ll show Tom it can be accurate that far out!), but since then I haven’t seen a one. I doubt the improvised suppressor worked well enough to not alert any around, so that must’ve been the bulk of them. Score one for living in a small town! Does that mean my neighbors have packed up, or are they bugging in, too? I’m pretty sure all the neighbors in my building left, since their vehicles are gone. I heard some shots from what I suspect was over a mile away in the first few days, but since then nothing. Could’ve been the cops or the local gun club guys.

I’d feel better if we’d heard anything else over the radios. The regular bands went dead after three days, and I only heard stuff on the CB for a week. Well, besides dad for our daily check-ins. They’re at least holding up fine out in the woods. Still haven’t heard from two of my siblings, or Kris’s family. I told everyone to get CB radios. I’ve been checking it periodically anyway to see if anyone else is on there, and sending my own signals. Even the trucker band is silent. Maybe if I’d gotten a HAM radio I could’ve picked up police signals, and heard whether or not they were headed to the city. Dad’s can pick it up, but he’s running out of fuel for the generator and can only check so often. If I make it to their house, we’ll have enough of us on watch to risk someone setting up the limited solar.

It’s still don’t know if it’s too early for us to move. We haven’t even left the apartment for the last two weeks, for fear of getting caught out there. Maybe I should make a trip out soon and have Kris cover me from the window, but she still hasn’t actually shot any of the guns yet. Plus we only have one .30 cal rifle; I should’ve picked up that Mosin I always talked about. We have enough food in here to last us a couple of months at least. I was surprised that the power lasted an entire week, which meant for us that we didn’t need to eat everything in the freezer all at once, prolonging our boredom threshold. But I’m guess once the canned stuff runs out that rice and beans will get boring really quick. We’ll need to go out and get some stuff to supplement it with, not to mention fill up our water; the bladders are getting empty. Good thing I bought that filtration system. I think I’ll go check out our neighbors’ apartments before the sun goes down. Wish me luck.

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Night, May (probably)

They come out when it gets dark. I can hear their soft shuffling. I woke in the pitch dark and could hear them so clearly I imagined they were already inside the house though this is impossible. I felt my way downstairs following the wooden banister. It is foolish to light candles as it draws them in. I crept as quietly as I could to the front door, I don’t know why.

I put my ear to the door and listened. I could hear that soft familiar endless shuffling going up and down, some close by and many others further off. I tried not to imagine what was outside though I knew there would be neighbours of mine and strangers and of course my daughter.

I heard soft hands touch the door just inches from my head. It was as if something blind and patient was searching for a way in and feeling the panels of wood carefully. It touched the lock, trying feebly to shake it loose perhaps it was Jennifer trying to find her way back home. My hand pressed against the door and tried to follow the movements on my side. Tears flooded my eyes but I couldn’t make a sound.

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