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Problems with iTunes creating MP3 version for all songs?

Asked by AshlynM (10582points) May 21st, 2011

I’m trying to create the mp3 version for all my songs in iTunes.

I select all songs, then select create mp3 version.

It will go on fine for a few minutes then iTunes will crash, giving me a message error. I can exit and restart the program just fine.

Does it matter what format the songs are in to begin with if I want to create the mp3 version? I think they’re a mishmash of formats right now. Do I need to select them one by one?

I’m using Windows Vista 64 bit and iTunes 10.

How do I get iTunes to stop crashing when creating mp3 version?

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By using a program that isn’t iTunes to do what you want. iTunes does not work well with Windows. Use another program whenever you can, use iTunes only to transfer songs to your iPod or other iThing.

To convert whatever format you have to mp3s, I use Koyote’s free converter. They don’t need to be all in the same format, and it can do all of your songs at once.

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I had this problem years ago. I think the problem (for some reason) is that it’s converting too many songs at once and that crashes it.

Try converting 10–20% of your songs at a time! Worked for me anyway…

Good luck!

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