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What songs have incredible guitar solo's that have been on the low?

Asked by Zack_In_Black (351points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going to load my iPod with some good songs, and I love guitar. So I’m trying to learn some new bands, any good bands out there like Dragonforce, Sugarcult, or Bullet for My Valentine?

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Dinosuar Jr has some good solos. J. Mascis’ voice isn’t the best though.

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Ball and Biscuit by the White Stripes

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Floods by Pantera, Dimebag was really a great guitar player.

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Not a new band at all, but the best guitar solo of all time is Jimmy Page in “Ten Year’s Gone”, of course, by Led Zeppelin

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Alright I’ll check those out! Thanks everyone for the posts! =]

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I’ve really enjoyed the guitar work on Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky collection.

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