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Alright, you sinners, check in! Fluther Saturday morning roll call. Here?

Asked by Jude (32185points) May 21st, 2011

Off to beerfest in Frankenmuth, Mich with my “female lady maiden” (Justin Wilson reference).

Enjoy your day!

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Flying back up North today! Be well and stay safe y’all!

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Be safe, @janbb! xo

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Yard work for me. It’s a beautiful sunny day!

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Getting ready to head to a friend’s for the day to start a new D&D campaign. :)

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Sunny day in NL, around 20c.
Did groceries, now watching cycling, tonight go for a beer (or two…) with my brother.

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Sun is shining, birds are singing, KatawaGrey and I are off to meet MissAusten in a little bit…can’t wait!

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Gorgeous day here: sunny and 82 degrees. We plan on going to a farmer’s market, and then for a drive.

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Roll call? I’m here…

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I’m here. Rapture must be delayed…

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Ummmm…. @filmfann <whispers> if you are still here you were not invited to the big party upstairs…put on some shorts and sandals as it will be getting very warm soon…

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@Cruiser You’re expecting all hell to break loose?

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What about us Jews?

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Rapture, crap-sure. I’m still here.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Maybe it’s really the raptor and we’ll be set upon by a giant carnivorous bird. Damn you auto-correct and all that…

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I’m working in a couple of hours. What good is a rapture if it doesn’t even get me the day off work?

Cruiser's avatar

@filmfann Not sure it can get any crazier in the Cruiser household….just another regular day at the office!

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I’m here! My best friend got home from college late last night, hopefully I’ll get to see her before the world ends…

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I decided to try and save my lawn and just finished spraying 2 acres worth of weed killer. Sinful, I know. Nice lawns are like high heels. They look good but are totally impractical.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Now here! I’m all infomercials right now and a friend’s young daughter (18, relax) is coming over so that I can teach her about resumes and cover letters. Cough. I swear.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Yep, I’m here now. Doing math homework with the kids and then going to the park to enjoy this gorgeous weather… before the rain comes back. :)

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Have a nice time @Jude !
I’m here :)

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Here and lazy. I worked hard yesterday and I’m taking the day off.

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I slept in this morning, but I’m here and wide awake now. I fully expect to laze about today instead of glancing at the homework that is due tomorrow evening.

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Out in the garden for me. yay sunshine!!

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At 9:00 I was at the gym doing zumba. Returned hom and planted some green beans and cilantro. Now just watching tv and relaxing.

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I woke up to a kitty poking me in the face and meowing. Then I got up and watered all the plants and cleaned out the pool while said kitty followed me around. Then I laid in the hammock for a while and now I’m getting ready to go home to get my fishing gear so I can fish off the dock tonight.

I didn’t see anyone getting sucked up into the sky and giant scorpion locust monsters aren’t stinging me for not going to church every sunday, so I guess it’s all good today.

God would really be trolling us hard if tomorrow turned out to be the Rapture, wouldn’t he?

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ha, ha. It’s not even 6 pm here yet…..................

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6:41 PM, EST. Alive and well in West Virginia! Not that I expected to be raptured, anyway… I’d definitely be here with all the other sinners until the world ends.

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Well, if they didn’t take Daylight Savings into account, we’ve got 10 minutes left here. Time for a quick snack.

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Shego is here!!! I’m heading to the U2 concert so…. if anything happens, at least I was having fun.

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Did someone call my name?

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Did I miss the zombies? Shit.

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Present and out of town on the hotel computer. :)

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I’m here. Killed all the zombies, that’s why nobody saw them.

incendiary_dan's avatar

@erichw1504 C’mon man, you couldn’t save a few for the rest of us? Total lame-sauce.

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@incendiary_dan Sorry, this thing worked very well.

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Can’t argue with that efficiency.

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