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Want to visit Fluther HQ in SF but don't know how to get there?

Asked by Velvetinenut (1372points) May 21st, 2011

Two years ago, I missed visiting Fluther HQ. Now, I’ll be going over there on 30 May – 2 June. Am really excited about the trip and I do want to visit FHQ to get some Fluther goodies.

However, I can’t find any directions on how to get there. Help. I don’t want to miss this chance again.

I promise not to take up too much of the employees’ time.

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Oh, dear. I am afraid that you missed your chance forever. Fluther HQ is no more. The guys have gone to work for Twitter.

If there is a Fluther HQ, it is at Auggie’s house.

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: `(

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Let’s all go to Auggie’s house.

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I’m going to see Auggie in two weeks. I hope she has a lot of free Fluther stuff!

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Sorry, @Velvetinenut. If you’re ever in West Virginia, though… let me know!
That goes for everyone. :D

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@augustlan So, are the guys permanently working for Twitter? Do they plan to come back at some point?

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@MyNewtBoobs For the foreseeable future, they’re at twitter.

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Who got the last guacamole award?

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I think it was Dog or Allie.

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Allie always wins. But she is the greatest person in the entire world (sorry mom) so she deserves to always win.

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