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What is one of the most memorable nights that you've ever had?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 21st, 2011

I’ve been having some wonderful, memorable nights for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been having so much fun!

What night from your past really sticks out as a great one? Whether it’s heart-warming, wild and crazy, or just plain strange, just tell it!

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Going out with my 5 college buddies in a boat one night. We started from a river but later exited it’s mouth to the open sea. Billions of stars staring at us from above. We then entered a narrow waterway leading to a buddy’s fish farm. One of the caretakers used a net to catch us some fish. We cleaned and cooked them in open fire as we drank beer. And yes, 80’s music were playing on the radio. This was one of the songs which played.

( Now if you will listen to the song in the link, imagine yourself one of us, young at 17, in that place that night with shimmering water around, then maybe you’ll be there too. )

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A busta rhymes concert that I went to on the 17th. right before my birthday ;D
It was friggin awesome. Strangers guys and girls humping on you from behind… it was a lot of fun.

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When me and my family decided to go to a beach.
We had planned it all and my parents had booked a beach house for us to spend a few days there. We had to drive miles and miles to get there, took us all day.
When we got there we found out we didin’t have the key, we’d lost it somewhere!
Luckily for us, the beach house next to us was built in a way in which there was concrete underneath and it had stilts, so there was a kind of place we could spend the night in.
The neighbours were very nice and let us camp there over night.
Boy did we have fun! A bonfire, pickles, insects, us and the sea :D

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There are two that come to mind, actually, and they both drifted into early morning: (1) the night I spent in an Irish pub with one of my best friends (ironically, neither of us consumed any alcohol, but we sounded like the drunkest couple there) and (2) New Year’s when I first hooked up with my now significant other.

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The last 2 years I have had a dozen memorable nights so hard to pick just one…but the strangest one to date was sitting outside my hotel room next to the Indianapolis airport the night of 9/11 and it was dead silent. Practically no cars on the freeway….no planes in the air…just stars in the sky and dead silent. Very surreal, unreal and very strange. Really stands out in my mind.

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The gist of it:

Went for a walk downtown with my best lady friend, ate some sushi, went clubbing, drank a lot, screamed “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, danced frantically, smoked cigarettes with some drag queens, hammered back some shots of Jack, danced some more, wandered off into the night, made it back to her house, fell asleep holding hands.


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