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Anyone here wanna help me a bit with a youtube issue ?

Asked by Hibernate (9088points) May 21st, 2011

A while ago [ 2 weeks or so ] youtube changed the layout of one’s account.
Let me explain.
I could have clicked on my account and end up directly to favourites.

I want to know if I can readd a link to favourites.


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You can click your account name at the top, then click “Channel” and then right above your video panel you will see a Favorites link. Click on it, and your Favorites will be displayed in list form on the right of the video panel.

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Not 100% sure what you’re asking. You can click on your account name at the top and you see “My Favorite Videos”. On that you can click “More Info”.
Or you could do what cbloom8 said.

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I know how to go to favourites with 3 clicks.
2 weeks ago I could have done that with 2 clicks.

I am LAZY I want my 2 clicks back ^^

I want to re add favourites next to my account [ when pressing the 2 arrows next to m account name // where it was 2 weeks ago ]

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@Hibernate After looking through all possible settings menus, I do believe that is impossible. Sorry, but I think you’re stuck with three clicks.

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Well it’s either this or I need to re-setup my browser for vocal commands direct to favourites .. wich will take some time [ bleah ]

Anyway thanks.

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I have several playlists on my account and when I click my name on the top right, I get the My Account drop down menu and next to it to the left, I get snapshots for each playlist starting with Favorites. Then I click Favs and presto! And that’s only two clicks.

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You get to see only the last accessed playlists not all of them.

Anyway the issue is solved now ^^

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Thanks for the answers people ^^

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@Hibernate Well, now I’m curious. Can you share how you solved it?

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Clicking 3 times since the voice add-on cannot be used from afar.

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@Hibernate You gave in…shame on you! Nahhh kidding :)

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Yes I should be ashamed ^^

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