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Are you intensely saddened by the fact Oprah's talk show is ending in a few days?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) May 21st, 2011

I am. I find her very inspiring. Don’t hate me.

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I am so bereft that I can barely lift a fork to my mouth.

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Not intensely but I do like her shows, though I wasn’t an avid fan. It seems like the traditional talk show to me.

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@gailcalled aaahhhhhhhh!!! lol…

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No, I can’t possibly care either way.

Isn’t she starting her own tv network so that you don’t have just the Oprah show, but a 24/7 Oprah IV needle to stick in your arm?

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I am mostly intensely saddened that no big celebrity (like Dick Van Dyke or Peter Andre) jumped up and down on Oprah’s sofa proclaiming: “I am in love! I am in love! Her name is Darling Rhadamanthus…!” It won’t be the same on Jay Leno’s sofa or even Tyra’s. It won’t be the same, it won’t, it won’t, it won’t

I was waiting, too <sniffles>


No, I am not saddened….mostly because I haven’t watched it in years as the times it is on is quite erratic here.

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@MyNewtBoobs lol—- yea – it started already – but it’s not her talk show, it’s documentaries, other talk shows, stuff like that…

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Not intensely, only moderately.

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I’ve never watched her show, so I’m not intensely saddened.

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I don’t watch Oprah, so I don’t care that her show is ending.

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Nope. Though it has been years since I’ve seen her…

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@gailcalled…Well Miss Gail…if you are so bereft you can’t lift a fork…then you have discovered the Ultimate Oprah Diet. lol

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I am intensely disinterested.

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^ What the @bob_ said.

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Well, you’ll still have Dr. Phil

(laughing maniacally)

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I can’t remember ever watching an episode of that show, so I won’t miss it.

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No. It is actually the reason the Rapture was postponed today.

Jesus wants to catch the last episode too.

he hopin’ for some BLING!

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Good riddance.

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No. But I do miss Harpo.

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