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What do you find that you often get depressed about? Is there a certain reason that always jumps back at you?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) May 21st, 2011

There’re always those days where you find some part of your life dissatisfying.

For me, it tends to head back to the same thing that gets me gloomy. I’ll over think, and wonder how my future will be, or if I’m happy with my life, or I’ll overlook things and just imagine myself being bored, whereas I could just look at life as it is and be content enjoying everything.

Some of the time, I feel as if I have lost a lot of friends, although this is true. I’ve lost contact with a lot of people that I’d see so often before, and know that I will probably not call up again or see much of later on. And I know that being friends with someone doesn’t mean we have to see them often at all, but I still get gloomy over it. It even seems as if I’ve lost contact with my close friends that still live in the same city! Perhaps just my over thinking and my clingy-ness. But loneliness and boredom get the best of me on those days. After a day or so, I’d be back to normal and enjoying life as it is.. but it bothers me that the same reasons are always coming back for me to feel down.

Well, what is it that bothers you from time to time? Is it the same reasons that come back and bite you in your a$$? Or do you find ways to ultimately get rid of any way to get gloomy about the same things?

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For me, it’s the idea that my friends don’t care about me anymore. Maybe it seems selfish, but there are periods of time I go through where I can feel totally alone even when I’m with a bunch of good friends. That would be the only thing that consistently gets me down, otherwise I’ve gotten rid of gloomy feelings over other things.

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I have some issues from my past that seem to always really depress me if I focus on them for too long. I try not to, but often times something will come up that will remind me.

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@Joker94, that’s kind of like how I feel as well. Well, more so the fact that things are different now than they used to be.. I feel alone, even though I know I have friends who care, I also feel as if nobody cares. haha, I know it’s also a little foolish though. ;)

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That’s depression for you. You start thinking no one likes you and no one cares about you or that you’ll never be with anyone who truly loves you, and bam! You’re headed down.

For me, it’s the thought that no one really loves me, or I’ll never be able to be with someone I love.

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@wundayatta; haha, that as well I think of!.. finding and being with someone that cares about me, and that I love in return; someone to share my life with. Haha oh geez, what a depressing thread I’ve started. Something that helps remind me of things I can be depressed about! But at least I know that others go through these phases as well…

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For me it’s cyclic. I’ve gotten used to it.

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I get depressed when I become impatient with people I love, even though I know they are not being difficult on purpose. Slow diseases are hard to deal with at best and I know worse is coming, but I can’t help anybody if I can’t keep my spirits up. The systems I have going help most of the time, but I hate to find myself being impatient. Usually a night sleep will put things in proportion again.

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I get depressed when something really difficult happens in my life and I realise how alone I am to face the difficulties.

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I definitely have some bad mental habits in which I start to feel hopeless about my health problems. Even though I am taking action to improve them, I can’t help but feel sometimes that they will never change in any significant way, and will hold me back from opportunities and prevent me from enjoying life to the fullest, for as long as I live. I don’t think I really believe this will happen, but I can’t help but worry.

This may sound like a stupid thing to be so upset about, but I also feel really badly about the fact that I can’t drive yet. I’m 19, I took my driver’s test for the first time when I was 18, and I failed it miserably. I was a pretty decent driver at the time, but my nerves got the best of me (and were not helped by the fact that the tester was the grumpiest fucking lady I’ve ever met) and I drove horrendously. Now one of my forms has expired and in order to even try to take the test again I’m going to have to take a class, and I’ve developed a huge driving phobia in the meantime and I just don’t see it happening soon. This lack of independence and basic life skills makes me feel like I’m a failure at “real life” if that makes sense.

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