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How much of your time does Fluther suck?

Asked by loser (15012points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I seem to lose about an hour or so a day.

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5–7 hours, although I just signed up.

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I spend alot of time on Fluther, but it never sucks!!

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whenever I’m on my phone commercials…... A lot of time

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when you go to ask a question and it gives you an error

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constant fluther in the background here….whether between checking emails at work or between chores at home…...or if there’s nothing good on telly.

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how do you constantly fluther? I mean I check alot but I have to do things at some point

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with 2 computers and an iPhone on my desk…...not so hard to keep a window open somewhere in the background…

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I’m on a ton. It only sucks when there are rude people on. I’m on all day almost everyday. There are times when I have important things to do, but thanks to the iPhone, I can take my fluther on the go. That’s especially helpful at work.

@Hollister0221, I think the question is how are you not on fluther constantly? =)

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that’s what so great bout iPhone brother

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I wouldn’t say it “sucks” time, but i must spend at least 6hrs a day here.

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@Hollister, that iPhone is great. Plus it allows me to fluther on the go. I’d hate to go back to a regular phone now.

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6–9 hours a day

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