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Would you take a job that requires taking a bullet for someone?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26224points) May 22nd, 2011

A good example would be the Secret Service job that entails shielding the US president against weapon’s fire if it comes down to that or any job as a bodyguard basically. Would you take such a job and for how much salary?

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Not as a job,but I would take a bullet for my loved ones.
Hmmmm….no pay for that? Something wrong there XD

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For 44 years I made this vow to myself. It never happened, but I was prepared.

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I did when got married and had kids.

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@john65pennington Personally I’m touched and awed by what you just said but in your opinion how many police officers would do the same? As I understand it it’s a call above and beyond duty?

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@lucillelucillelucille You may be getting advance pay with kisses?

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Um – let me think. No.

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mazingerz88, I think before each officer raises his right hand and swears to uphold the laws and to protect the people, each officer has already determined what action he/she will take, in order to save a life. The vast majority of the officers I have worked with, would make this move at any cost. This is something each officer believes could happen at any given time and most are psychologically prepared to give their life for an innocent victim.

Its just part of the job.

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When considering whether or not to try to get into armed security, I decided I wouldn’t do it in most circumstances. Mainly, it’s because most of the places and people that are willing to pay for that aren’t the sort I’d risk my life or safety for.

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Not a chance. For my family? Yes. Wait, would that include my brothers’ wives? Oh, okay, Yes.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that, contrary to that decision, I have ended up doing armed security before, for free in fact. It was for a writer I greatly admire, whose friend and close ally had recently been attacked at one of her speeches. The author I did security for had recently had an ankle replacement surgery, so I felt he was particularly vulnerable.

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@john65pennington I may have misunderstood what it means to be a police officer these days. When I was a kid, I used to think of them as closest to heroic modern day knights or Samurai swordsmen who will engage in “to the death battles” to help the weak. Owing probably to growing up I learned to be more cynical. Knights on the Crusades did kill non-combatants and Samurai swordsmen lord over others. I thought police officers now would draw a gun to protect you and eliminate the threat to the best of their abilities but won’t go all the way to catching a bullet for somebody. Am I that mistaken?

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been there, done that, got shot three times, stabled once

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Only being a mommy. I am pretty sure I would take a bullet for my children.

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Yep, @JLeslie gets it. I’m a mommy. I’ve fought a ships waves crashing the shore to hold on to my kid in the water so he didn’t end up seagull food on the rocks. I’ve talked him down from roofs when he’s climbed out windows. I’ve thrown myself in front of him, grabbed him and gotten out of a busy road.. I think I’d throw him behind me if someone started shooting. It really is just automatic. I’m just very very glad that I live in a relatively peaceful place where people don’t go shooting or carrying concealed weapons.

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I can’t really imagine thinking someone with a lot of money to hire such people is necessarily more important than me such that I should die and he/she should live. I suppose if I new such a person that I’d be willing to take a bullet for him since I felt he could put his life to far greater use than I could my own, I might take that job. Otherwise, I might be inclined to take the job if the pay was great, not actually having any intention of taking a bullet for the client. Probably he’d never be shot at, but if he did get shot and I didn’t jump in the way, I’d be fired and that would probably be about it. I’d be fired if he got shot either way I guess.

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I’ve seriously considered it. I still am, at times.

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No. I’ve never been that strongly social to go that far as to volunteer or get paid to die or be wounded in the service of my fellow man.

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@cockswain That’s kind of how I feel. That pro bono gig I did, which ended up having a dozen or so other security people who were variously armed, not to mention an armed cop, was for a writer who is at or near the center of an important movement. I thought that was worth it. I wouldn’t think the same about a rich business person or their property.

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Nope. I’m just as important as the potential shotees. For those I love? Yes.

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I would not take such a job.

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The only reason that I would be taking that job is to stay alive, so I don’t think so.

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