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If you were a spy what tool's would you use or bring to help you do your mission?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) May 22nd, 2011

If you were a spy what tool’s would you use or bring to help you do your mission?
Like what would you bring to help you climb on roof’s, climb up high walls, hide from enemy’s or hide your identity??

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Taser, blindfold and my guns ;)

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Feminine wiles and a Walther PPK ;)

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A newspaper with two eye holes cut out.

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Binoculars, Video-cameras, Flashlights, Motion sensors, Invisible ink pens & Notepads, Walkie talkies, Magnifying glasses, Swiss army knife, ball of string.. :-/

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My looks. Seriously, I’m a bit below average in that department, so no one notices me. This would allow me to blend into a crowd to follow someone. Or I could get a job in their home as a cook or maid and have access to their “stuff” and they would never suspect the mousy woman in the kitchen! As for tools, some kind of camera to take pictures of secret papers, a handgun for my protection, a Gerber multi tool, and lucky charm of some sort, because I’m a touch superstitious. ;)

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Duct tape and P-cord.

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A phaser and spidey sense.

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An apostrophe remover.

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I’ll zap it with my phaser. Zap.

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What I packed with me would totally depend on the nature of the mission . . . it would also depend on how many other people were working with me. I wouldn’t do the roof thing (bad ankle) unless I could enter through the front door and take the elevator. Same with climbing high walls although in my younger years a grappelling hook and a rope would have done it. As for hiding my identity, I would dress up as a guy (add sideburns, different glasses and a hat).

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Invisible cloth (they probably have invented that?),tranquilizer,and fake ID.

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My charm, a handgun and some very strong sedative.

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Lipstick & other makeup, extra nylons (I’m sure to get a run), condoms (ahem, well…), my Bali-song, cell phone of coarse, and whatever cool new guns I can have (how about one that has bullets and can follow someone around the corner and a super spy doggie…

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All what James Bond has except the look. Mine’s the homeless guy look though it may come in handy in some cases I know. LOL.

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A Lotus Evora with a flux capacitor in the trunk (Aston Martins and DeLoreans are sooo old school).

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A gun, my Leatherman multitool, some paracord, and then the rest depends on the mission!

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Duct tape, charm, and a pillow so I can take a nap when I’m done.

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Static rope 3/8 inch , three carbon fiber climbing rings , a wire saw, a packet of thermite, starter and magnesium strips, and my trusty Zippo filled with kerosene.

Oh and a few weapons too.

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@worriedguy – Ever light thermite in a bucket on top of a block of ice? Big budda-bang budda-boom!

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I have only used it as designed, in approved areas and only for the intended purpose of quickly welding ½ steel plates under water. ;-)
Magic stuff.

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the gift of gab, a certain blandness

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Night-vision goggles, a blow torch, a knife of some sort, maybe a swiss knife, sedative, laser…

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I’d bring @noelleptc.

We’re just awesome like that.

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Trenchcoat, a trilby (worn at a jaunty angle) & a fixed stare.

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