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How would you improve features on fluther?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I would make hot posts indicators, the ones that get answered most. And move the post up whenever there is a new answer. What about you?

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I’d include the greetings on the iPhone version.

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I don’t even know what it is I only go on here on my phone

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I would make it easier to search for questions that have already been answered.

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Thanks for the suggestions… we’re taking notes. :)

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Given my answer above, which I realize is kind of weak (I’m new here…), I wonder if it would help to be able to edit or remove your own post once it is published, or am I missing something.

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I would make questions that have been resolved distinguishable from those which haven’t, and make the “questions for you” be unresolved questions, no matter how old. That way people don’t have to repost if their question is unanswered.

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or make folders for questions. Like technical, love and marriage, life, religion, chat about nothing threads, latest fashion trends, sex, music, best beauty grooming secrets, life after death, work and career, politics, funny stuff, children/stepchildren….... Lots more, and people can post in the threads that correlate to it

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@shilolo, the editing already exists.

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I feel like you can only edit a post before someone else answers. After that, how can you edit or remove your own post?

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There is a time limit on it – not sure what it is exactly, but the option is available for a while after you post, but not indefinitely.

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It’s five minutes, I believe.

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not always enough time when you’re on your iPhone, I’ve noticed that….....especially if you’re all thumbs.
Also, there should be an option to remove your own Q’s – or at least as someone else mentioned, flag them as closed or answered.

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I would add an adobe air app for computers. I personally would like an application rather than on the web.

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Add ‘last comment by’ on question list view.

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@malloc, Is that guy shooting a bird???

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still younger

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@z- is that you, man?

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I would try to add a function so that if a similar or identical question has been asked before, a pop-up or other indicator says something like “You might want to check this link for your answer.” Not everyone searches the archives to see if their question has already been answered. As an example, I must have counted at least 5 questions like “Do you believe in global warming…”

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Oh, and perhaps the links that are styled into the text could open into new tabs rather than redirecting away from the fluther page.

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shilolo has a point…...maybe a built in search feature for the Question field? so it’ll do a search for your question before it lets you submit….

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1) Increase the font size of the author of the post. Currently it is pretty small underneath their photo/icon. Increasing the font size will more easily associate a post with a poster. Right now, when someone responds to a post, I have to scroll up and hunt around for that the posters name…should be easier than that.
2) Include a quote button on someone’s post. Clicking it will copy that person’s post in italics (or something) into your new post creation box. This will make it easy for a new post to tie to en existing post.
3) Provide the capability to include (insert) graphics like jpegs.
4) Optimize the real estate of the screen. Currently all the fluther poster area is limiting to the white column in the middle with a lot of wasted (dark blue) space on the sides. Make the text area wider, screen width.
5) Provide the capability to imbed YouTube videos via a YouTube URL.
Provide a beefier search engine for advanced searches using boolean, search by user name, search by date range, questions asked by user, questions replied to by user.
6) Not sure about this one but something to consider: Expand the categories beyond General and Social. Perhaps include common topics: Economy, Sports, Religion, Regional (US, then perhaps States, even cities…), News, Crime, Humor, Health, Politics, News, etc.

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Oh, another one, (maybe I am missing this but) Each post should be time and date stamped.

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@Charles Wide scale change is unlikely to happen any time soon, because our founders actually work for Twitter now, and only take care of this site in their spare time. That said, there are some things to consider about your suggestions, and we thank you for making them.

I’ll address your last suggestion first. There actually is a time stamp on each answer, but it’s hidden. If you hover your mouse just to the right of the ‘Flag as’ button (which is below each post), you’ll see a red paragraph symbol. Hover on that, and you’ll see when the answer was posted. This also works as a permalink, so if you right click on it, and choose “copy link location” you can then post it elsewhere (which can be helpful regarding your suggestion 2, above).

The reason it’s hidden is because we value a less cluttered look to the site, which is also why we’ll likely never allow folks to insert graphics, videos, gifs or pictures (numbers 3 and 5, above) or change the font size of the poster’s name (number 1).

As for number 5A (?), you can see questions and responses given by a member by going to their profile page, providing their privacy settings allow it. In the search box, you can type “username” to search for a particular member or ”@username” + whatever you’re searching for to find something said by that member. About the only thing you can’t do in search is to search by date (which would be nice).

It’s actually easier to read a narrower block of text than a screen-width one, so that probably won’t change (# 4).

We use topics (tags) to further break down the categories, but probably won’t create whole new sections for it. You never know, though!

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Another one, when browsing the questions, show the last person who posted and when.
Also, have a means to sort based on date and on number of responses.

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How about a poll to the users asking about some of the suggestions made in this thread. For example, Would the users like to see the fluther text area widened to screen width? Or, would users like the capability to insert graphics. What would flutter do if 90% of people voted Yes to these questions?

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@Charles Some of these suggestions have been discussed several times, but feel free to ask a new meta question about it. One thing I remember for sure is that the vast majority of members were against being able to insert graphics/pictures/videos.

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