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Have you had a dream or goal that you had to give up?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) May 22nd, 2011

My dream is to become a successful singer. I know that that is a very far fetched goal, and my chances of reaching it is very slim. I know in the near future I may have to give up this dream. Have any of you had a dream that you had to give up? How did you deal with it?

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I have recently given one up and am working on accepting that it will never happen.
I’ll live…;)

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Yeah, I haven’t really gotten my hopes up too high on becoming a pop star because I know it most likely wont happen.

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Too many to count. I guess they were not strong enough.

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How many times have I had to give up the dream of a fulfilling relationship with someone who seemed nearly perfect? They were part of a dream, but they rolled on. Making choices that did not include me. If I had a hundred dollars for every broken heart, I think my retirement plan would be fully funded by now.

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Only the kind they call pipe dreams, which are fantasies. I once thought about playing clarinet in a jazz band. I took lessons for two years, but once I realized they mostly play in smoky night clubs, I lost interest. I also thought about being an astronomer, but I never followed up on it.

All I really wanted was to be a wife, a mother and a homemaker and I fully accomplished that.

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I can’t be a rock star now. Too old.

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Becoming a professional ballet dancer.

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I gave up one recently and made a new one….pretty damn excited. Gotta have those goals till the day I die! ;)

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I dream to be an accomplished author. However I have only taken baby steps to reach that goal. You can do anything you desire but you must have a realistic plan. The words you speak have a direct effect on the outcome you receive. I believe starting small and building is the best way to achieve what you desire. Even if it takes a little longer. Furthermore what others speak to you also have an effect on your own perception. Don’t let others define you. Eliminate those naysayers and dream killers and just pursue. You never know unless you keep trying. Just keep swimming,swimming, swimming :)

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@sweetbee What a great attitude. Who knows what I could have done with that attitude? But I am constitutionally unable to think that way. So I must find a good way to find the bright side of messing around. It’s all too much work, I think.

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@wundayatta Thanks. It didnt come easily. I’ve been burned,used,hurt but have recently decided that anything is possible when I delete the oppinions and perceptions of others. I try my hardest and if it doesn’t work I’ll try again. Persistence is key. Relationship wise I recognize my role in why they all failed and going forward will think first then respond. Still single and sorting it out but won’t give up. There is a bright side so I just keep pursuing my goals.

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I had hoped to buy a small, special, mobile home, and add it as a TV room and guest bedroom to my new house.
The problem is the man who owns it (and it is very rare) doesn’t want to sell it, and my new place doesn’t really have a good location for it.

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