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Roses are red, violets are blue -- but this one's special! Guess who just made it into the mansion?

Asked by bob_ (21533points) May 22nd, 2011

Yep, it’s the lovely Blueroses! Congratulations!

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I helped

And congrats.

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Awww. Kisses @bob_! Thank you, thank you!

@johnpowell That makes me feel very special. You are a fluther God!
@noelleptc likewise m’lady and thank you so much :)

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Congratulations Miss @Blueroses! I really enjoy your random, thought provoking and awesome questions, and your responses ain’t shabby either.

Now as you enter the mansion step to the right so we can take your formal photo to stick onto the frizzer with a frizzer magnet. That frizzer door is getting almost so that you can’t see it anymore because there’s so many photos on it now.

After your photo, you can head up to your room (mind the chocolate sheets) to freshen up, before heading back down to the pool area for your complimentary pupu platter and some of those little cocktail wieners with the frizzy topped toothpicks stuck into them. Enjoy!

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Congratulations @Blueroses, can you let me know if they have lots of marble at the mansion, it maybe awhile till I get to find out.

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Congrats @Blueroses 10k hooray!!!!

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Oh yay! Congrats @Blueroses! Lurve you, girlie. :)

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ConGo Rats to you! Pancakes for your Sunday move to the mansion!

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Roses are blue, my dear,
violets are mauve,
We’re glad you’re here, my dear
Sending cave dwellers’ lu-u-urve!

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I’m going to pretend I didn’t just wake up from a nap and totally miss out on asking this question and just do it here.

Q: Violets are blue, roses are too, congratulations for this Jelly are definitely due!

Congratulations, Blueroses!

Here’s a limerick for you:

You get a room between Bob and me, Blue.
You are a member we all truly value.
You’re witty and sweet.
Your intelligence can’t be beat.
So I already called dibs on you.


Hey everyone, crack open a beer and let’s party!

I feel so privileged and lucky to have you as my friend. Thanks for all of your support. I love you, BR! Muah! * fondles *

Oh, and let’s watch Forrest Gump the first time we get together. WOO! :D

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Congrats to my favorite flowers! :-D

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Congratulations, Blueroses!

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Congratulations, Blueroses! You’re a welcome addition to fluther!

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I’m beyond “whelmed”! Can’t thank all of you enough for being such amazing people.
@Kardamom That so touches my heart and funny-bone… thank you
@stardust Cheers! and many thanks
@creative1 I haven’t gotten to see anything but the foyer yet, but let me tell you… it’s grand!
@augustlan You are the wind beneath my wings :) Seriously, I’ve never seen a better site manager.
@SpatzieLover Don’t tell erichw we had a pancake party without him!
@anartist You have a cave?? I can only dream of a cave. I live in a sewer. Thank you!

My sweetest @Vunessuh I lurve you to bits and pieces! If I were dynamite, you’d be totally ‘sploded by now…. run, Forest, run!
Thank you @Brian1946 You give me good vibrations and I am always honored when you respond to me.
@hawaii_jake Sing that in drag for me?
@lucillelucillelucille Queen of the strong and funny ladies… thank you for being one to show me the “light”!
@wundayatta Man. You are Fluther, in all of it’s aspects rolled into one person. See you under the Orange Tree.

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10Kongratulations @Blueroses

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Congrats! We have a new rose in the mansion and she is blue. So let’s get this party going. Bring out the champagne, the band and the conga line. This party is on!

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Thank you @flutherother!

The flutherbot just said “You’re glowing! Absolutely glowing!”
It’s true.
How do they know?

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By Love Undying
Eternity Rose
Offerring Solace
Effervescent Shows

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AW, DAMN YOU, BOB! I was so hoping I’d be the one who got to ask this question. dreams shattered.

Lady, you know I love the hell out of you. I’m glad you found us and stuck around. <3

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONGRATULATIONS BLUEROSES!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thank you for teaching me how to make a love heart ;)

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@chyna thank you for being one of the very first to speak kindly to me here. It paved the way for my wanting to stay

@mazingerz88 You’re adorable. I so enjoy getting to know you.

@MissAnthrope Honey-Lamb! You have a particular corner of my heart. Thank you, sweetie!

@queenie Any time! Wanna know how to make a more NSFW symbol?

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@Blueroses That’s you ;) Go on then, teach me how to make a NSFW symbol.

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I noticed you from the very beginning @Blueroses ! You were a flower that stood out from the bouquet. It is a treat to have you on Fluther and you smell real purty too!

Mazel Tov on the 10K!

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Roses are red…wait. Congrats!

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@Blueroses – Is it the corner with lots of pillows and naked ladies?

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===)> – - – (that’s a penis spurting lurve @queenie) you’re welcome

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===)> – - – (like that?)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re a great addition to the jelly pond! Have a great time at the mansion. Take pictures and send them back to us!

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@janbb my very favorite literate penguin… I just love you. Thank you for giving me hope from the very beginning of my fluther-life.

@tinyfaery ha ha! Cheers to you!

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@tedibear surveillance cameras are on you… I’ve seen the camera control room now and you’re in the orange-zone.

@everephebe aww, c’mon! sing it in your own sexy voice!

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@Blueroses I second that , @everephebe should give you the gift of his own beautiful/amazing/sexy voice. You should at least get that!

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MY LOVELY!!!!! Where do I begin? This girl welcomed me with open arms into Flutherland. She is sweet, spicy, salty, and peppery, all with a twist of lime! She has made me laugh till i pee! She adds such dimension to my life on Fluther, and I adore her so. If anyone deserves to be in that mansion, Blueroses does! And when I get in there, I reserve a room next to hers with an adjoining bathroom and balcony, so we can have lots of fruity drinks together out there and drunkenly sing into the Fluthersphere!

Congratulations, my darling!

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Staggers in under the weight of a HUGE bunch of roses, painted blue, because I could only buy pink in the local shop. Well done “my little piranha fish”.

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Damn @Ladymia69! If I knew you felt that way, I’d have loaned you a panty-liner! Thank you, silly girl!

@bellatrix You would go there. If you were a mouse, I would not drown you. :)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Yay @Blueroses, that was quick! Happy 10 K day!

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Congrats to you!

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I’ve been stalking you for days and just when I take a few hours away you cross the line! ‘Bout time, honey, we been waitin fer ya! Come over here, have a glass of wine, and we’ll plot…

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Oh damn that’s too awesome. I love you to death, and never wanna see you leave. So I’ll chain you in my basement forever. Congrats to a wise and intelligent member! :D Your posts always make me think, or make me laugh. Either way, you’re something else indeed.
Imma crack open a beer in your honour, and sing to you odes of greatness.
Keep up the fantastic work. :)

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Holy Moses! It’s @Blueroses!

Congrats on the 10k. We’ve been waiting.

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@Blueroses I am so happy for you! You were one of the first people to greet me and make me feel welcome, and I really really do appreciate all you do on this site! You’re one of my favorite people EVER! I lurve you!

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Yay! I was praying for @YARNLADY validation! Thank you, Ms. Yarn, you are unique.
@aprilsimnel “quick” is relative. Time flies when you’re having fun but lurve flies like a Led Zeppelin
Thank you @knitfroggy!
My @Symbeline… there are not words.Maybe undead words in the language of the deep? You are a perfectly preserved replica of a human girl and I’m so honored to be your friend.
@KatetheGreat Keep on rockin’! You are a gem. And thank you!

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Congratulations. My favourite rose is the blue rose and you’re one of my favourite jellies.

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Congratulations! @Blueroses! very well deserved.

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Thank you @tranquilsea. Given your even-handedness and wisdom, I am so honored to have you say that!

Likewise @marinelife Wow. Validation from a 40k! You have such a great ability to switch perspectives.

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How great is this?

Jeez…it’s too early for cocktails, but, I could make an exception!

Blueroses lie over the ocean
Blueroses lies over the sea
Blueroses has entered the mansion
A 20k treasure is she!

throwing confetti1

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My Fluther girl crush.


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This is one party where I am attending for more reasons than the lurve fest!

Sincere welcome and congrats to you @Blueroses. I do look forward to your astute and always relevant comments.

Cheers and good on ya matey!!!

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How do I thank @JilltheTooth? My mama/fried/silly one. Thank you, sincerely. I’m quoting you in my profile.
@Coloma I want to see the hot tub goose dance! You are one hip chick.
@Jude Thank you. I don’t know why, but I’m so flattered that you would say so.
@rooeytoo OMG, woman! I have followed you from the start. You have more wisdom in your little toe than I hope to gain ever!

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@worriedguy I don’t need to worry about you. You’re golden.

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Félicitations, @Blueroses! Well done, and very much deserved!

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Well Done!!!!!!

Blueroses's avatar

Merci, @SavoirFaire. I’m waiting for you to show your true colors on the threads. You are one of the good ones.
@Lightlyseared Thank you so much. I love topics to be “lightly” seared and you match your name often. I admire you.

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Way to go @Blueroses, good job!

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Congrats @Blueroses! A worthy achievement indeed. :)

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Thank you @rebbel what happened to your avatar? I lurve you often.
@mangeons many thanks. I see you rarely but always like what you say.

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@Blueroses I answered some serious question today and i felt that my boyish avatar didn’t match it. Tomorrow i will change it, especially for you :-)

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@Blueroses if you ever get tired of that mansion (i hear it’s like one endless party there), I’ve saved you a shady spot under the orange tree. If you like, anyway.

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All right! Congratulations!

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@Seaofclouds You are the voice of reason and tact. I hope I can match you some day.
@syz Wowza! Never even thought you’d chime in here. I’m more than honored.
@wundayatta I’ll find that tree one day.

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@wundayatta I’ll spare you this time mister.

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@Blueroses Haha yeah, I’m not very active lately. I suppose I’ll be around more during the summertime. Thank you! :)

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@Blueroses But you already know where it is!

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Congrats on the 10 grand kiddo! About time! ;)

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Good job @Blueroses! You should be proud of the work you’ve done here.

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@Cruiser Thanks, dad. Wait. Is it wrong to wanna kiss your dad “that” way? ;)

@bkcunningham Thank you so much. I don’t see you come in often on congrats threads and it means a lot to me.

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Just flippin’ beautiful!!!!

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Congo Rats to a wonderful contributer! Great googlie wooglie, you totally deserve a corner suite here!

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Heh! Just caught mt 20k error, instead of 10k
That’s okay, I’ll carry you @10% interest! lololo

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Roses are sometimes red
Violets are generally blue
@Blueroses, it’s said
Is colorful too
The things that she knows
Win her much Lurve
To the Mansion she goes
Ahead of the curve

Congratulations, @Blueroses

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I thought being blue is to be sad but you have turned that saying upside down for you have brightened the mansion a lot! Seriously I could see more lights in it from where I am right now hiding, lurking behind the bushes from outside the gate, all the way across the road.

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@filmfann You just keep on keeping on. We don’t agree on everything, but where we do… I lurve you, dude!
@ETpro out of many, I wanted to earn your respect. Thank you!
@mazingerz88 so sweet. Don’t tell anyone that I’m slipping you the good canapes under the fence.

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@Blueroses You have earned my respect and admiration. Thank you.

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@cprevite Wow. thank you. you always make me think…. maybe I mean something other than “thank you”. Nah.

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Going back, I’m so sorry I missed thanking @shego you’re a sweetheart and darned close to the mansion doors. I’ll leave a light on for you.
and @tedibear I’m sorry I was busy taking surveillance photos for you… you’re damned close too!

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Hugs and kisses babes.

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Seems I almost missed the boat, but not quite.
Congrats petal ;¬}

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Yay! Just in time…


By Letting Underestimated Egos Run, Our System Exits Swiftly.

Blueroses's avatar

@zen Many thanks, Captain! My rose looks just as fresh as the day you gave it to me.

@ucme :) You should see the view from my mansion bedroom…Sydney Opera House…The Hanging Gardens of Babylon… Herds of wildebeasts swinging majestically

Thank you @wilma, you’re very kind!

@erichw1504 Your distracting games make even Mondays more fun. Thank you!

ucme's avatar

@Blueroses All this time & I had no idea we were in Torquay…..amazing ;¬}

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10,000 congrats. So well deserved.
Welcome to the Mansion \o/ \o/ \o/

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Congratulations, my wonderfully lovely Blue Baby! I’m so sorry I was late to the party; I’ve been really sick. :(

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

Sulks over to deliver CONGRATS on the 10K. I got nothing clever. I guess you look as good in the mansion as me.

Blueroses's avatar

@Aster Aw, thank you! You are delightful!

@AmWiser Is that Alka-Seltzer in those glasses? God love you for that!

@WillWorkForChocolate I’m just glad you’re feeling well enough to help with the after-party cleanup!

@Adirondackwannabe You know I only tease people who have a sense of humor! Your post made me laugh aloud!

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Hey hey! I’m a little late to the party, but that doesn’t mean I lurve you any less! Congrats on your 10k and welcome to the mansion!!!

JilltheTooth's avatar

BTW, @Seelix , Happy Victoria Day!

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I just love your username (and lovely avatar) and always enjoy reading your posts.

Congrats on a job well done in record time. Well deserved 10K.

Blueroses's avatar

@Seelix I’m glad you stopped by! While you were off celebrating, we held your place for you. You should have seen the confusion!

@Buttonstc Thank you! You don’t mind that I call you button-tastic do you? Cuz you are!

Buttonstc's avatar

You can call me anything except late to dinner :)

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Well done. You are a very cool addition to the collective.

you know i don’t do these anymore

Blueroses's avatar

Omigawd @Blondesjon I totally know you don’t come to these! Wait, don’t go yet! I think there are a couple of good beers leftover… let me just push some bodies out of the way….
Thank you, General Smartass! I am fiercely honored by your presence.

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@Blueroses That was awesome lol. Fiercely. That rocks. :D

Blueroses's avatar

Oh @Symbeline I’m so sorry I woke you in my search for beers :-)

Berserker's avatar

Your search ends here! :) Let’s down these bitches.

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Oh no, I’m late!

You’re a kind and lovely jelly. Congratulations!

Blueroses's avatar

Thank you @Haleth! I saved you a bottle of wine :)

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Cheers to you, then, @Blueroses!

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@Blueroses \o/ \o/ \o/ are cheers for you. Of course it could be alka seltzer if the party gets to wild;-). Congrats! Again.

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Wow I’m late for this one.

Congrats girlie :D

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Remember to come to the party on time the Future, @FutureMemory

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