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How do you peel an orange?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13368points) May 22nd, 2011

For instance, when I eat a navel orange I always cut an X into the side and the pull the peels off starting from there. How do you do it?

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I usually use my fingers to rip the rind off

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Bare-handed. Sometimes it hurts my hands if they’re too acidic but most of the time I’m just fine.

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I like to slice it into thin wedges and just eat it out of the rind.

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I cut it around it’s equator,then from pole to pole Then you can bend each quarter’s points to rip the fleshy goodness from the rind with your teeth like a rabid badger.

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I don’t like to peel them. I too, cut them into wedges (plus it’s fun to put the wedges in your mouth and smile like you’ve got one big old orange tooth), and then I put the leftover peels down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal. Makes a lovely scent!

Although yesterday, I actually zested 4 oranges from my own trees to make orange cranberry scones. Mmmmm.

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I peel them by first taking out the little green star. That makes it easier for me to peel the rest of the orange, usually in one bit ;)

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I poke my thumb in one end and peel from end to end, if it’ll go, so I have a whole orange.

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I cut off each end, then use the curved end of my fork handle to loosen the peel, and just lift it off.

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I slice a slice near the stem end. Then I pull that off to start my peeling and work down from there.

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Use my thumb to pierce the peel and then peel it off. Then I pick any left over pith and eat. I love oranges but they are a bit messy so I don’t eat them as often as I should. I prefer tangerines/mandarins because they are easier to peel.

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Someone ought to conduct a psychology study of personality by orange peeling preferences. lol

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I bite the “belly button” with my top teeth and peel it back and from there I slide my fingers up under the skin and it is easy goin’s getting to the good stuff.

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You’ve got it down to a sensual art form it seems. lolol

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Sooo..psychology theories of orange peeling techniques.

I’d say that…

@Mikewlf337 has some hidden aggressions he might wish to take a look at. As long as only exhibits this trait on Oranges and not peeling the shells off of garden snails, I’d say he’s okay.
@Kool_Gal might have some latent masochistic leanings.A little pain with that Orange ey?
@Coloma doesn’t like sticky fingers and is a bit neat freakish with her peeling technique.Presents modest control issues.
@lucillelucillelucille expressive of her creative leanings, probably uses the peel to make a lampshade or other creative item
@Kardamom is fully in touch with her 4 year old self and enjoys the big orange tooth effect, playful and silly.
@queenie Employs a most likely to peel easy strategy, reflective of her desire for instant gratification with minimal effort expended. Indicative of ultimate pleasure with little sacrifice.
@aprilsimnel Shows slight aggression with intent of admiring the full orange before consuming. Reflective of modest narcissism
@YARNLADY has a rather unique approach, using a ‘tool’ reflects her chimpanzee heritage. She would probably be good at excavating termites with sticks.
@marinelife Shows a tendency to get to the ‘root’ of the problem, and a hidden passion for umbrellas.
@Bellatrix Slight aggression with poking and unusual food cravings by eating the pith, coupled with her desire for smaller, easier to manage citrus fruits, she might have been a fruit bat in a previous life.
@Cruiser Clearly some erotic leanings in his desire to explore the sensuality of the orange, make it last.

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@Coloma Darling, I feel like hugging you! In fact, I will.

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I cut off each end, then sometimes make a few vertical slices through the peel to make it easy to peel it in sections. If the skin is thin and peels easily I might not bother with the vertical cuts.

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I bite into it with my teeth and pull a little piece off. Then, I get my finger under the peel and start peeling. I use my fingers to separate the sections.

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@JLeslie Reflects of a secret desire to be a lipo-suction surgeon
@Jude Refer to @Cruiser‘s descrip. Orange erotica. lol

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@Coloma Haha. I just do what my mom taught me. Ironically my mother amd I are afraid of surgery.

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lol@Coloma, I don’t EAT the pith. I don’t like it though so I pick it off if possible. Could certainly have been a fruit bat in a previous life though. They are very cute little critters.

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With my thumb nail and peel. Bite bite…..mmmmmm


With my fingers of course! Lol.

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