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What do hardcore vegans do about ticks?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13352points) May 22nd, 2011

Most really dedicated lifestyle vegans won’t do things like wear leather or eat honey. Do these vegans have any particular stances on ticks? Would they pull a tick off of their dog, or themselves?

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They would probably try and feed them a soy and beet blood substitute and start a local tick sanctuary.

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Would they stab a knife (if they had one with them) in a tiger’s heart if they were attacked by it while strolling in a wildlife park?
I think the answer in both the tick and the tiger case would be yes.

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My boyfriend is vegan and he would pull a tick off of himself, but I would be very surprised if he killed it.

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@jaynie7 Pulling ticks off often kills them. Like the one I found on my thigh today. But that was a less than perfect extraction.

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@incendiary_dan : eww. Messy and icky. Been there, done that.

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Oh! I didn’t realize. Even so, I’m pretty sure he would not let it suck his blood. I have a feeling that would bother him a lot.

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I asked one of the vegans I know, and he said he’d pull it off. The death of the tick is an unintended secondary effect, according to him, so it’s nothing to worry about.

And yes, he quoted Aquinas to me. He also says this is why he doesn’t go all out and sweep the ground in front of him like Jains do.

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Well..I imagine, for one, they wouldn’t eat them.
But, the dog might! lol

Seriously…one can only go so far.
If you’re going to be that insanely, militant, better live in a bubble, after all, if you drive a car you will be killing insects by the gazillions, and, what if a gnat flies into your mouth while just walking and breathing.?

Duct tape your mouth shut? Well..then what about your nose?
Being inhaled would most likely kill a gnat too.

Choose your preferential method of breasthing. Tape your mouth shut or wear a nose plugs.

Oh, and guess you better sleep on a pile of straw in the dirt because you wouldn’t want to disturb those poor little dust mites on your pillow.

But wait…threshing straw KILLS insects, so, that’s out.

Just sleep in the dirt.

What the heck…better not rub your eyes either, or clean your fingernails.

Obviously there is no solution to not causing harm to something, get a rope. lol

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