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How is one social while under financial restraints?

Asked by q (37points) May 22nd, 2011

In other words: Having fairly limited funds to work with as a whole in social settings/situations/realms. Honesty hasn’t been able to lend a hand here. Suggestions?

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I enjoy foodstamp barbecue in the backyard with friends and cheap beer.

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Are you open about how you’ve paid?

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There are some tips on living without money in the USA in the Yippies 1969 manual Steal This Book.

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Picnics can be dirt cheap. Art openings are generally free.If you are looking to meet people, then join a cause.

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Communal meals tend to be cheaper. Try that out.

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They offer lots of things that are free to do in different cities, I have gone to movies in the park, music concerts held in the park and I usually pick up the local free paper in the area with the arts in it and they have so much that is offered for free, even free things for kids to do. I have seen free yoga classes, gone also to different fairs that were free and walked through enjoying the scenery, they have here in Providence in the summer waterfire You can walk up and down enjoying the fires or bring a blanket and sit and enjoy. No need to spend money if you don’t have it.

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you can have your friends over or go over there houses. Or do a movie at someones house.

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Church activities, volunteer work, can collection (or other charitable collecting) parties, free concerts in the park.

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Game night in your house

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Do free things. Look in the paper and suggest that friends go to some of the free community events.

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Tennis at a public court with a picnic, hiking, public concerts, lectures. Music nights. Risk tournament.

If your friends into going out to bars and drinking, you could go as the designated driver. Cover charge is usually waived at most places, and all the soft drinks you can handle are generally free.

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Potlucks, picnics, games with friends, pooling resources, outdoor activities like picnics at local lakes, parks and rivers. You could play baseball, basketball, football, frisbee, croquet, disc golf.

Backyard camp outs!

Day hikes with sandwiches and fruit in your backpack…use your IMAGINATION!

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