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What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) May 22nd, 2011

You know, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time? But now you wish with all your heart that you could take it back? Or find some other way to make it come out better for you?

You look back now and wish you could go back in time and kick yourself, then turn yourself around and force yourself to go back into the fray? How do you feel about yourself for making that choice? Have you forgiven yourself? Does the missed opportunity loom large in your mind? Hav eyou been trying to make up for that mistake ever since?

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Breaking up with a guy I now realize I really liked. It’s true you never know what you have until it’s gone!

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Getting married to a 29 year old woman with a 3 year old kid after knowing her for less than half a year. I did this when I was 22.

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Lied about my sexuality.

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Oh, so many to choose from. The stupidest thing I have ever done is drive a long way with the parking break on.

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@tinyfaery How did you not notice?

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It was my first time driving this huge van and it had a weird parking break. I thought the break was off and there was risidual smell. Doh!

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Quitting an incredibly well payed job with no idea of what I was going to do next. On the bright side everything worked out nicely in the end.

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I fell for an obvious scam that I would’ve warned anyone about and not only list all my money, but now I can’t open a bank account anywhere for 7 years and I have to file for bankruptcy.

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@wundayatta What is the stupidest thing you have done?

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Lying to my parents.
Thinking I am a loser because I have never had a bf. – Now that I think about it, actually its better. I am free to do whatever I desire and have some free time to myself.

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Shooting up heroin once.

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I touched the stove….I was warned.

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@nailpolishfanatic Honey, not having a boyfriend was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I felt so free. Now I kinda fell for it again…haha.

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@Cruiser It seems I love to burn myself. I’ve burned myself three or four times this month alone.

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^Just to reiterate, red means hot.

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@KatetheGreat lol but I kinda want to experience it you know ;)

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I moved across country with a man I was seeing. He told me we had a rental waiting, a joint business waiting for him, blah blah. When we arrived then I learned there was no rental house and his “partner” had sold the business he thought he was getting in on. He told me he wanted to venture on his own in order to put himself back together, put me on a plane back home and I never heard from him again again by occasional texts to ask how I was.

It was stupid because I jeopardized my financial obligations back home by gambling I could re settle quickly. I should have stayed behind and waited for him to send for me and show he was really who he purported to be. Dumb in love, that was me.

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I’ve done so many stupid things. I don’t even want to think about the more serious ones.
One of them involved driving over a ginormous curb and scraping the arse out of all sorts of parts of my car. It was years ago but I’m still mortified just thinking about it.

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I suffered from low self-esteem in my youth.

I got married the first time believing that my wife would “make me happy”.
It only increased my unhappiness and may have helped end the marriage prematurely.

Wasn’t until later that I learned you shouldn’t depend on anything/anyone other than yourself to determine how you feel.

Good lesson for me, but the consequence of my ignorance was fathering 4 children who were ultimately raised by an unstable mother.

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It involves a remark that burst out of my mouth when I overheard something in the casual conversation of the two officers in the front seat of the a patrol car in which I was a back seat, um, er passenger. Guardian angels must have called in some favors as I emerged unscathed.

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When I got to college, I was leaving an abusive control-freak situation at home. As a result, I totally let myself have free reign – skipping classes all the time, not bothering to study. I failed out of University. Now I’m 39 and don’t have a degree.

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@noelleptc At least she has a wonderful mother!

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Drinking and smoking due to peer pressure.

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Quit school.

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Maybe not the stupidest thing but:
I left New York City, and the job I had there at a bakery.

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@noelleptc It’s true! You adore little Rio and she is so lucky to have a mom that loves her. It makes me so happy to see mothers that actually care about their children. It’s definitely a huge commitment and it’s not easy at all. Props!

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Stupidest thing, me being now.

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I would never tell this, if I were not already retired from my police department, but here goes.

I was working lasar radar on a road near Opryland. I had been at this location for about 40 minutes issuing speeding tickets to drivers in violation. Instead of pulling speeding drivers over to the side of the road, I would run them down and stop them on the side of the road. To me, this was a much safer method of stopping a speeding automobile, rather than jump out in front of the vehicle and motioning for them to pull to the curb.

This one vehicle, I had clocked at 72 mph in a 45 mph zone had me on its tail for a traffic stop. Inside the vehicle was a middle age woman. She gave me no problem, but asked if she could see the lasar radar unit I had clocked her with. The Supreme Court has ruled that this is not mandantory to do, but she was nice, so I went back to my police car and let her she her flashing speed on the lasar radar unit. She said okay and I explained the traffic citation to her. She signed the citation and left. Going back to my police car, I could not find the lasar radar unit. Then I remembered showing it to this driver and I laid it on top of her automobile and she was gone and so was this $5,000 dollars lasar radar unit! Did I panic? No, I almost peeed in my pants. I took out after her vehicle, but she was gone! About 20 minutes later, I received a message to call a motorcyle officer. He wanted me to know that he located my missing lasar radar unit on the side of the road, some 15 miles away. I met with him and the unit was broken. It apparently fell off the top of her vehicle and hit the pavement, breaking it. There was no way I could cover myself from such a tragic incident. I took the unit into my precinct and explained the situation to my Lieutenant. We sat down discussed payment of the unit’s repairs. Damages and repairing of the unit would be about $500.00 dollars. I sat there for a few minutes and then I brought out 52 speeding citations that I had written that day, with this unit. I gave the citations to my lieutenant and stated, “these citations should more than pay for the repair of the broken lasar radar unit”. He looked at me, he looked at the radar unit and stated “you made a costly error in placing the unit on top of the speeders vehicle. But, luckily these units are covered by insurance”.

Yes, this was a costly mistake by be. I would like to go back to that day and that traffic stop and correct the mistake I made.

Needles to say, I did not do that again.

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Falling in love…

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I bared my arse to the wife while she was tonging her hair. Don’t dare a fool is all i’m going to say…...she branded me like a scolded pig :¬(

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I burned myself while chasing my cookery passion when I was just 13

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Am I the only one who thought @ucme‘s wife was tonguing her hair?

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@laureth no and I was thinking he got off easy with just a branding of the arse!

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@laureth no and I’ll bet that is what it said and he changed it!

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Now now children, calm yourselves down & read properly!!

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