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How many questions a day do you tend to ask?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13381points) May 22nd, 2011

I just realized that I think this was the first day I’ve ever asked more than one question at a time. I guess I’m going for the third right now, just to make it complete. Most days I don’t have anything I’m wondering about, so I don’t ask anything. Do you tend to ask multiple questions a day, just one, or hardly ever?

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Not often.
I usually know who to ask when I have a question about something,but sometimes I like to hear the opinion of the people on here… you!
I broke a tomato plant by the stem Just bent down,not severed) and was wondering of there is any way I can save it?It was given to me as a gift so I want to try and keep it alive.yeah,I know

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If I’m busy, it’s about 0–1 questions.
If I’m bored out of my mind, 3 questions.

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Usually I tend to ask 2 a day, but sometimes 3 too. There’s always something I’m pondering about, so I doubt I don’t ask a question when I log in.

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I tend to ask 0 on a typical day. So sometimes when I ask a question, I splurge and do two more.

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I only do one occasionally when the mood strikes me on finding out what my fellow jellies feel about something. I tend to go more for the answering than the asking.

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It varies so much for me. I can go a couple weeks asking nothing, and then ask three a day for two days, then nothing, then 1 random one. No consistency at all.

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I have been a member for 1414 days.
I have asked 134 questions.
0.094766619519095 per day

Responses are 7.613154172560113 per day.

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Less than 1.

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I often question my sanity.

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88 questions in 3 years.

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1 or 3

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I think I average about 1–2 per week, though I can go weeks without asking a question.

If you see me asking 2–3 questions in one night, I’m more than likely drinking beer.

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Since I joined, My average is 0.55916 questions/day and 4.64122 answers/day.

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I have averaged one question every 3 days….not sure if that is a good thing, bad thing or even something to even fret over.

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I’m averaging 0.14219114 questions per day.

If you want to be exact about it. :P

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Generally one, but I go through periods of time where I won’t ask questions for days…now is one of them.

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On average somewhere between one and two questions per day.

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One every couple months. I was travelling last week and thought, “oh that’s a great question for fluther”, but when I got to a computer I’d forgotten the question.

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Hardly ever, though I did ask two yesterday and one today.

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Lets see… I’ve been on Fluther for 17 months, so lets approximate and say that is 510 days (17*30).

In that time I have asked 43 questions.

43 / 510 = ~0.084

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I hardly ever ask questions. I have only asked 18 in 4 months.

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Usually, zero. I think I might have used up my three questions once in the whole time I’ve been here.

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Using a date-date calculator, I see that I’ve been here for about 525 days.

In that time, I’ve asked 74 questions, which gives me an average of about 0.14 questions per day.

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@Brian1946 Cool tool! I’ve been here for 1037 days, so my average is 0.12 questions/day.

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0 ?‘s….often
1 ?......frequently
2?‘s…..on occasion

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On average, I’d say 1.

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@lucillelucillelucille Sorry I didn’t respond directly sooner, must’ve not registered in my head (stuff gets lost up in there, it being so big and all). I think the best bet would be to basically splint it; tie a popsicle stick to hold the bent stem straight. That should help the plant save it, if it hasn’t been bent too long. Heck, might be fine anyway, some of these plants are really resilient. I couldn’t really tell without seeing it up close.

Good luck!

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About 0.06 questions per day, or approximately two questions per month.
Answers, around 8 per day on average.

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Depends on my mood and necessity. Bad mood means 1 every one/two days. Good mood means 3.

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At least 4.

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@incendiary_dan—Thank you! I will try that:)

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@downtide I know, it’s more like 5.

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I used the date-to-date calculator that @Brian1946 posted

Average .1419 q’s per day and 3.047 a’s per day, or about one question per 21 answers


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