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What kind of drunk are you?

Asked by Marshmely (29points) May 22nd, 2011

In my experience, people seem to take on different personae when they are intoxicated. A few examples being:

The flirtatious drunk
The emotional drunk
The overly talkative/sociable drunk
The incoherent drunk

There are, of course, many types of drunks. Some are combinations of two or more. Which are you?

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A comatose drunk. Alcohol has little impact on me except to put me to sleep. I don’t drink very often, but I do enjoy beer, bourbon in the winter, and gin and tonic in the summer. Occasionally white wine. But I’m just as happy with a glass of ice water and lemon.

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Not much of one. Can’t remember the last time I was drunk.

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The best kind. I’m a little ball of fun.

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I’d say I am a flirtatious/talkative drunk. Mostly talkative since I’m not single anymore, though. I tend to become extremely interested in anything and everything and talk in depth about political issues, etc. I’m sure I have no idea what I’m talking about at the time.

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I fluctuate between the flirtatious, emotional, or overly talkative drunk. At least I keep things interesting!

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The calm drunk, flirtatious/manipulative drunk, and the revved up let’s go fight drunk.

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Super duper flirtatious and creative. I have a tendency to start furiously writing poems or music or wanting to paint.

And I have a tendency to try and box/wrestle/lasso things.

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incoherent drunk.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard you and I should totally hang out and box/wrestle. but if you try to lasso me, you’re in for a world of hurt. lol

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Nowadays I am a recovering drunk. When I was an active drunk, I was a quiet lachrymose drunk who thought he was god’s gift to women. I used to get pretty maudlin.

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I have only been drunk a few times. I am pretty sure I am flirtatious maybe a little stupid.

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Silly, then sleepy. Then sleeping.

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Sociable and a bit loud. I’m pretty good about knowing when it is time to go home. I have had my share of mornings where I knew I pissed off people and hoped they drank more than I did.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Writes good poems when he’s drunk. Hahahahaha.

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After 1, I’m silly.
After 2, I’m talkative and can get loud.
There is never a three. I’m such a lightweight.

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I’m a giggly drunk. Then I start singing.

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Happy then horny later kinda drunk. : )

wait a sec my answer is quite similar to that of @noelleptc?

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@KatetheGreat, that’s right… you were there for one of them!

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Weepy, I am a weepy drunk. That is one of many reasons that I no longer drink.

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I get flirty and funny when I’m drunk.

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@shego Love drunk funny girls, flirty not that much. yeah right!

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I’m a sober drunk.

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All of the above, really. The only thing I’m not is an angry/belligerent drunk.

I get giggly and goofy, I get incoherent and nothing short of retarded sometimes, I’m more flirty and sexual, sometimes I get emotional (positive emotions most of the time), etc. It’s just a whole bushel of fun. :)

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fetal position/out

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I am a sad drunk. I also no longer drink more than one when with company.

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Just a magnification of my usual self.
Silly, humorous, talkative.
I’m not a big drinker, a few beers, wine, occasional bloody mary, never really get drunk, drunk…just enhanced. lol
I am not maudlin, aggressive or sloppy.
Infact, there is nothing worse than sloppy, stupid, drunk. Gah!

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Happy, relaxed, horny, talkative, silly, and burp-y.

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Happy to begin with and then I get very sleepy.

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Happy, despite stumbling around like a one legged donkey on a trampoline.

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A quiet drunk.

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Fabulously happy. I rarely drink, and when I do with buddles I get all happy-fab.

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Where I come from, each sits alone with his brew and sips alone.

no wonder you’re alla buncha grumps then

I get cheery and talkative a lot if I’m with people. Not really flirtatious, barely ever mean. Although that has happened a few times. Mostly I’m just a goof. But that was before booze became a part of my life. These days when I’m drunk, I get motivated about things a lot more than when I’m sober. It seems I do all my best thinking while all fucked. That’s probably not true, but it feels like it. I can often get rather…I’m looking for a word that means exaggerated self pity, I think it starts with a T, or at least has a T in it but I can’t member.
But yeah, that.

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For the record, I would like to drink with @Symbeline before I die.

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@gailcalled Dude that is totally it. ...why the hell did I think there was a T in it? O_o

Best thinking my ass lol. Thanks. Damn word. Need to retain it.

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I’m an accomplished drunk. Very funny, and talkative. Also very creative and energetic when I’m tanked. ;)

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Happy, sexual, and uninhibited. I don’t drink that much though.

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I’m an overly sociable drunk after enough drinks… After too many, I am an overly emotive/depressed drunk.

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Found out that I’m also a bitter drunk

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