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How do I make a custom brush in Photoshop with the following attributes (details inside)?

Asked by ragingloli (47912points) May 22nd, 2011

The brush size at the start and end of the stroke should be 0, growing smoothly to the predefined maximum size in the middle of the stroke. It should be independent from pen pressure, as that does not really work for me. It should also be relative to the length of the stroke.

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It’s simpler to work in illustrator for this brush if you are averse to pen pressure.

The reason for this is because the brushes in Photoshop are not mathematical, yet in illustrator they are [because illustrator works with vectors]. The problem is that Photoshop does not know when you will finish the stroke, therefore it does not know when to make the stroke wide, and thin again.

Illustrator, on the other hand, knows when you finish the stroke and can adjust the stroke as soon as you finish making the stroke. It’s sort of like post processing – and that is possible because the lines [everything actually] in Illustrator are mathematical.

Hope this helps you understand the “why”.

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