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Would a non-magical first time kiss improve with time?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25920points) May 22nd, 2011

Is it possible to have a successful relationship without having shared that adrenaline rushing liplock the first time you kiss someone you are deeply attracted to? Are kisses accurate barometers to gauge how much sizzle there will be in a relationship? I guess my bottomline question is could you fall in love with someone whom when you kiss no sparks fly?

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Sure you could. Other factors could outweigh the kiss problem. And the “wow” factor is mostly a myth. It’s nice, but not necessary. Attraction can grow.

But my preference is for a first kiss that is really something! You want to have chemistry. It makes things so much more interesting and intense.

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There is always the possibilty of finding someone very attractive, but they are sucky kissers. Hopefully they will get a little better with time. If they are teens, they just mifht be a little inexperienced. If it is someone 30+ maybe the kissing will never get much better? Kissing is definitely not required for a successful relationship. So many other things matter. Unless, the kissing is in your top three most important, then I say dump the person.

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No…probably not. Kisses are the messenger from the heart that starts and keeps the relationship going!!! Thank God for kisses!! ;)

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Absolutely. In fact, quality of first kiss and quality of relationship have almost nothing at all do with each other. Of course, if the quality of all kisses (on lips or… elsewhere) is pretty low… it might not work out.

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For sure. I’ve had less than awesome first kisses and if I was to gauge a potential relationship on that factor alone I wouldn’t have had any good relationships. The kisses got much better with time, it could’ve been a nerve situation, but I totally enjoyed the ones to come.

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Yes you can.

Humans can fall in love without “the magic” because one can feel love in his mind separate from his heart.
Not to mention that one can fall in love with another if they spend a lot of time together. [ they start from accepting each other then they adapt. They end up knowing what the other likes / wants and they form somewhat wich will evolve into love ]

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I suppose it can,but it is very frustrating to actually tell someone exactly what you want and for them to still kiss you like a nervous gecko.

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Gee; if the first one is so-so then I think you can expect very little improvement afterwards. /-:
And maybe a lousy kisser is echoing his lack of passion in other areas of his/her life.

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