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How many times are you capable of falling in love?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22489points) May 22nd, 2011

I heard people say they can only fall in love once in their whole lifetime and that’s it. Are they just being overly romantic or too scared to admit they can’t deal with heartaches that well? I could understand the fear of losing someone and ending up starting over again which would be to say the least, a real drag. But then there are those who do not seem to mind falling in and out of love in a click of a finger.

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I thought I fell in love time after time…but one still stands out above all others…so I would have to agree…one will make all the others pale in comparison. ;)

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I believe there is no reason why someone cannot “fall in love” several times over the course of a lifetime. Such experiences are not trivial and should not be treated as if those relationships are disposable.

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There have been three times I have truly fallen in love.These were more than infatuations, and they were years apart. They were as deep in feeling as anything else I have felt.

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A lot, apparently.

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It’s always one greater than the number of times you are capable of falling out of love.

Seriously, there’s no limit to this kind of thing. Human beings have an incredible ability to recover from loss—if they let themselves.

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I think more than once. It also depends on how you think love works. If it’s all chemistry to lead us to mate or if it’s just hormones from being physically attracted or having sex. A lot goes into a relationship and I think it’s fair to say people call fall in love a lot of times; to what degree is another thing entirely.

I also think that like when someone has poor customer service, someone could’ve had the best relationship ever but it ended so badly that neither person wants to hear about the other, that the negative aspects out weigh any good ones.

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That is an impossible question to answer from my own perspective. There have been crushes, and there have been times where, in a relationship, I have loved the partner, but in hindsight, wasn’t in love. Should the man I’ve only ever been in love with ever leave me, be it due to death or walking out on the relationship, I doubt that I could find someone I adore as much as him. Until it comes to that point, I would have to say ‘just once’.

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Whoever falls in love once and is separated or separates himself by choice form his/her partner will be stuck in a no mood for love trance. And it’s a pity.

But most of people can fall in love a lot.
Hormones / fatal attraction / a desire for something one needs etc etc

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If you think you loved someone then got over them; then that wasn’t love, and they were never worth it. But when you seriously fall in love, they’ll love you back (Hope so), and this is when you find the real happiness, and it won’t end.

Plus: Did you know most of the time you can’t control love. You can look at a person and fall in love with them in 6 seconds.
And for males; They can love a woman for 6 years but never know it. Weird right?

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I’ve been in love three times in my life. I think there is an infinite supply of love in the world.

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I don’t believe that you have a finite quantity of love, that will diminish if you share it. I have been in love with more than one person, and loving Person B never meant that I loved Person A any less.

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Twice for me.That is enough.:)

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I’m a Libra if that means anything I fell in love a few times…

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Love is not a commodity that is bought or sold or depleted with use, but a fountain that is always overflowing and flooding the world around us.

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I’m like @Cruiser. Many times but only one came close to making me hyperventilate with excitement. lol

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I denno. It happened to me once, and maybe it wasn’t love. Maybe it varies with each person. I’m sure you can fall in love more than once, or never at all.

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@Luiveton I have to disagree. The main reason is that I think you are not considering cases of people who are in love, lose their spouse to a fatal disease or accident, and then learn to love again. Also, it seems that retroactively deciding something wasn’t love just because it didn’t last forever debases what might have been very sincere, loving moments.

It also looks a little bit like this.

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@SavoirFaire Well you do have a point.

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